How to use Buildertrend as an effective office management tool

Tired of juggling files, paperwork, tracking down emails, keeping track of timecards …

Buildertrend to the rescue!

Exactly like it does for your construction jobs, Buildertrend keeps everything you need for your office management organized and in one place. Using features such as the Schedule, To-Do’s, Daily Logs and Finance tools will ensure your office work is easily manageable, so you’re always prepared to tackle jobs in the field.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer – here are a few ways you can use Buildertrend to effectively manage the office side of your construction business.

Use the Schedule feature to manage more than projects

We call the Schedule feature the backbone of our platform because it helps to keep you, your team and your clients updated with how jobs are progressing on a day-to-day basis. Not only that, it can also be used to keep everyone in the office in sync and on track with the ability to schedule meetings and even coordinate meetings in relation to your job schedules.

In order to keep projects on track, it’s important to communicate and keep everyone on the same page. Have weekly office meetings with your team? Need to keep track of when your subcontractors are coming in or have Zoom meetings with your clients? Use Buildertrend to keep everything organized, and if you want, share your schedule with your team to keep everyone informed of daily meetings and goals.

Using the Schedule makes it easy for you to communicate quickly and helps to keep your projects rolling in the field and in the office.

Keep daily work organized with To-Do’s

We talk a lot about our To-Do’s feature because it is one of the most used by our customers. By adding To-Do’s to your schedule, you can easily track what’s getting done and by who. You can assign To-Do items to your team members and know who’s responsible for each daily task. Adding To-Do’s will streamline your office management and ensure accountability, alleviating the need to constantly check in.

Adding To-Do’s is an easy way to communicate with your team. When adding To-Do’s for each office job, you can assign items, which makes it easy for you to track progress and know who’s responsible for each task. You can even assign To-Do’s to your clients. Assigning To-Do’s to your clients is a great way to keep communication open when it comes to decision making and allows them to be involved throughout the entire process.

Use Daily Logs and Tags for documenting and searchability

In addition to the Schedule and To-Do’s, Buildertrend has Daily Logs, which can act as a form of communication making dozens of daily phone calls a thing of the past. Daily Logs are essentially daily progress reports that allow your team to view what’s been completed each day and what should take priority the next day. With access to Daily Logs, your team can keep track of daily progress without having call you for updates.

Now, let’s talk about Tags. Tags are great for many reasons and can be used in multiple ways throughout Buildertrend. For example, in terms of office management, you can use tags to track certain documents or files related to each job. Let’s say you need to reference or update a contract, you can simply search the tag for that specific contract and it’ll pop up in seconds. No more unnecessary time spent on searching.

Manage your finances like the pro you are

Managing cashflow is a major part of office management and using Buildertrend makes it easy. With multiple projects going on at once, keeping track of the money coming in and out, not to mention all the change orders, can be a lot to handle.

Luckily, we’re got you covered. Using financial features like Bids, Estimates, Bills and POs, Invoice and Change Orders makes financial management and communication a breeze. With everything documented and stored in one place, keeping your team on the same page and staying on top of your finances has never been easier.

Plus! You can use our online payments from anywhere, so say goodbye to those paper checks and reduce the need for additional client emails with this seamless process.

Streamline and organize with file management

Buildertrend offers unlimited cloud-based storage that allows all documents, files, photos and videos to be stored, organized and easily accessed. No more searching through miscellaneous files on your computer or rifling through paperwork in a filing cabinet.

By combining the use of all these tools, you will have all important information documented, organized and available in one place. Buildertrend’s all-in-one platform will help you streamline your essential office responsibilities with your construction jobs and allow you to manage both with ease. See how Buildertrend helped Tri-Pups, Inc. take control of their office management and improve their customer relations.

Let us help manage your office jobs with ease

If you’d like to learn more about these features and how to use them for managing your office jobs, feel free to give us a call! Our team is always standing by to help.

If you’re new here and think these features could help manage your business, schedule a demo today!

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