Is your company using branded email addresses?

Your company’s branding is important, that’s nothing new. But the issue? Many companies forget to translate it to their email addresses. And, honestly, this is an easy piece to brand, so there isn’t much of an excuse to not do this. What makes this relatively small detail so important? Let’s take a look at a few reasons.

Simply put, it’s unprofessional.
You have two people emailing you: and … who do you trust right off the bat? We guess the one that sounds more “legit.”

If you already spend money on branding and marketing for your company elsewhere, it may all be lost once a prospect sees your non-branded email address and decides to not engage with you. Your business depends on being seen as trustworthy and professional, so this step in the right direction is an easy one to take.

It offers an easy – and consistent – communication solution when you expand your team.
Every time you add a new team member to your company, you can easily create for them an email address using the same naming convention you use for everyone else. “” sounds and looks great, and it’s easy for prospects, customers and other team members to remember!

You are in control of the email addresses and communication records.
What happens when one of your employees leaves? If you don’t have a branded email address, that ex-employee’s email history also goes out the door. By using a custom branded email address for all employees, you have complete control over the communication records, which means less worry – and headaches – for you when someone leaves. You also have the power to either deactivate an ex-employee’s email address or transfer it to another team member without any problem. Less worry and more security? This is a no-brainer.

You can organize emails by department.
Accounting? Sales? Design? No matter what departments your company has, you can create a general email address for each of them. This allows prospects and customers to easily communicate with the correct department, as well as see at a glance which specific team is sending the email.

You won’t find yourself in the junk/spam folder (or, you’ll at least lessen the chance).
In this day and age, consumers are pretty wary of spammy emails, to the point where our inboxes are intuitive enough to sift through them on our behalf.  This means your generic email address might find its way into the junk folder and may never reach your prospect or customer. What’s the point in contacting anyone if you’re just going to end up in a folder they may ignore and never check?

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