7 must-have Buildertrend features you should be using

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Complacency isn’t an option.

That goes for both your business and our team here at Buildertrend. Good enough just isn’t good enough for us. And that’s why we’re always improving the tools you use to better your business. Because if there’s a better way, we’ll find it.

Constructech recognizes our efforts and has honored us with the Top Products Award for 2021 for the past several years.

“For home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors, Buildertrend gives the construction industry a better way to build—with data that helps drive the project forward,” said Peggy Smedley, Construction Magazine editor.

We’re proud to be considered among the best tech in the construction industry because it means we’re making your experience better. As our customers, you rely on our project management software, and that’s why we’ll never stop improving.

Check out these seven Buildertrend features you should definitely be using if you’re not already.

1. Two-way sync with QuickBooks and Xero

Construction accounting software is a critical piece of your project management process. QuickBooks and Xero provide accounting solutions for small businesses, and both softwares are fully integrated with Buildertrend. Setting up QuickBooks or Xero with your Buildertrend account gives you cloud-based access to your job costing from wherever and is available whenever you need it.

Plus, keeping track of your project balances is even easier with our two-way sync. This means information and job-specific expenses can transfer between both platforms quickly for better job costing and added accuracy.

2. Mobile document scanning

You know that with every job, building project or remodel comes a ton of essential documentation and paperwork. Although necessary, it can be a ton of extra work to keep track of it all.

Buildertrend offers a mobile document scanner plus unlimited cloud-based storage that allows all documents to be uploaded, stored and easily accessed in the field directly from the app. No more searching through miscellaneous files on your computer or rifling through paperwork in a filing cabinet. Everything you need is in one place and accessible on the go, so your team is always on the same page.

3. Customer Portal login

Today, homeowners expect an interactive experience when it comes to their renovation projects or building a new home.

With a single login, your clients can access the Customer Portal, a one-stop shop for staying updated on daily progress. You can upload progress photos and videos to keep them involved and even share and request document signatures. Any information you share on the Customer Portal will be there for the duration of the project, so your clients can access and refer to it at any time.

4. Time out with Time Clock

Nobody likes a micromanager – that includes your team. And you don’t have time to check in with everyone to manually track their time.

That’s why the Time Clock feature on the mobile app allows users to simply tap a button when they need a break. Time on and off the clock is quickly recorded, providing a seamless experience and better reporting on timecards.

5. Reporting made easy

Data. Trends. Progress. Reporting is a great way to gather need-to-know info and track the success of your business. Buildertrend’s software offers several reports that can help you monitor where you’re at and help you get where you want to go.

One of the newest reports is the WIP report. Instead of doing your WIP reporting manually, you can now use this built-in feature to create a near real-time, comprehensive WIP report. This will allow you to access the right data at the right time for total billings, profit margins and cost to complete on individual jobs or across all jobs.

6. Task tracking with To-Do’s

Adding To-Do’s within Buildertrend is an easy way to communicate with your team and trade partners. When adding To-Do’s for each job, you can assign the items to your crew and subs, which makes it easy for you to track the progress of jobs and know who’s responsible for each task.

And did you know you can also assign To-Do’s to your clients? Well, you can! Assigning To-Do’s to your clients is a great way to keep communication open when it comes to decision-making and allows them to be involved throughout the entire process.

7. Top-notch financial tools

Staying on top of cashflow is the most important part of construction project management, and oftentimes it can get overwhelming. But with Buildertrend’s extensive list of financial management tools, you can manage money coming in and money going out with ease. Applying financial features like these makes it easy to keep your projects moving.

Using technology to manage your financials will help you to maximize your time, effectively manage your projects and increase your profits.

Let us help you better your construction business

If you’d like help implementing the tools Buildertrend has to offer or learning how we can help you reach your goals, give us a call.

And if you’re not a Buildertrend user, but you’re ready to take the next step and ensure the success of your business, schedule a demo today!

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