Streamline complex commercial jobs with cutting-edge construction tech

As a general contractor, you know that managing commercial construction jobs can be a lofty undertaking. With so many moving parts and layers of projects going on at the same time, it can be hard to keep tabs on it all and guarantee that tasks will continue to run smoothly.

The solution? Streamlining your workflows with tech.

For big commercial construction operations, defining processes, using efficient documentation and keeping all stakeholders on the same page are the key contributors to your success. See how you can ensure your commercial project management stays on track by taking advantage of these popular Buildertrend features.

Involve all key stakeholders with efficient scheduling processes

Buildertrend’s Schedule feature can be used for way more than setting up project timelines. It has a range of functions that allow for efficient commercial project management.

When managing large commercial jobs, one of your top concerns is making sure all essential players are on the same page. With Buildertrend’s Schedule feature you can assign users for each job, which keeps everyone informed on what they need to do and when. Assigning team members and subcontractors will make for a seamless scheduling process.

And did you know you can also assign To-Do’s? By assigning To-Do’s you can easily track what’s getting done and know who’s responsible for each task. Adding To-Do’s will streamline your scheduling processes and ensure accountability, alleviating the need to constantly check in.

In addition to assigning projects and To-Do items within your schedule, you can use tags to maintain organization and keep track of things such as unit or building numbers and inspection dates.

It’s also important to note that tools like our invoices can be linked to the Schedule feature. This will ensure that you stay on top of dates for when certain financial installments are due or if the client needs to be reminded Reminders are automated prior to deadline and there will be past dues reminders as well.

Use streamlined document control to keep everything in one place

It’s critical that you implement and maintain an effective documentation system to ensure your commercial projects are streamlined and easy to manage. Taking control of your document management will allow for easy day-to-day operations and limit the amount of time spent on searching.

Instead of having 12 texts, 15 emails, five dropboxes and a folder with over 30 paper copies, everything is stored and easily accessible in one place. Buildertrend offers unlimited cloud-based storage that allows all documents, files, photos and videos to be stored and organized for efficiency. No more searching through miscellaneous files on your computer or rifling through paperwork in a filing cabinet. Any files you need can be quickly found in designated folders for each job or within the Global Documents folder.

Managing all your documents from one central location will also help to keep everyone up to date. You can avoid additional work by allowing your field crew, office team and subcontractors to view and work from the same documents. Any markups or annotations made will be updated in real time, eliminating the need for guess work or backtracking.

Ensure effective communication and financial transparency

Communication is an important component to the success of any business but is essential when managing fast-paced and ever-evolving commercial construction projects.

With Buildertrend’s Project Management, Files, Messaging, Financial and Reporting features, you can seamlessly communicate with your team, subcontractors and clients from start to finish on every job. Within each of these features, you’ll find some of our most-used tools such as RFIs, Messages and Comments that make miscommunication a thing of the past.

It’s also important to have open and transparent communication when it comes to your financials. Managing cashflow is a major part of project management and using Buildertrend makes it easy. With multiple projects going on at once, it’s critical to keep track of the money coming in and out.

We’ve got you covered.

Using financial features like Estimates, Budget, Bills and POs, Invoices and Change Orders makes financial management and communication a breeze. And everything is documented and stored in one place, so keeping everyone updated and staying on top of your finances has never been so easy.

Let us help you streamline your commercial project processes

By signing up for Buildertend, you’ve invested in the continued success of your commercial construction business. Let us help you get the most from your investment by scheduling a training today. To get scheduled, give us a call or reach out to your account executive and they’ll be more than happy to help!

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