6 social media tips for construction business success

Social media tips

Did you know there are 3.5 billion social media users worldwide? Yep, that’s billion with a B! The power of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are undeniable. In fact, each one of these users spends an average of three hours per day across all social networks. Whoa, right?

Definitely whoa. Still, many construction businesses often think of social media marketing as a low priority in their never-ending stream of to-do’s. Maybe it’s a Facebook post once or twice a month and a Twitter that hasn’t been activated since 2014. It’s time to best leverage these networks for the best results.

We’ll let you in on a little secret, too. Shhh. Ready? Social media doesn’t have to be a massive commitment or time investment. Seriously. It’s easier than it sounds. It also doesn’t have to be a mystery as to how social media fits into your construction marketing mix.

To help you craft some strategy into your social media game, we’re talking with Cathern Strief, Buildertrend’s social media engagement specialist. With these six simple social media marketing tips, your business can reach new clients, build brand awareness and drive profits.

1) Plan with purpose

Just as you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, you shouldn’t post to social without a plan. Because you’re never posting just to post. All your content should have purpose and intent, acting as the beams and columns to support specific business goals.

And that’s just where your plan should begin – with goals. Create goals that follow the SMART framework, meaning they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. For example, you want to acquire 15 more leads through Facebook per year versus just racking up likes.

To keep things organized and mapped out, create a social media calendar and use the tools within each social network to schedule posts ahead of time. Now you’re not flying by the seat of your pants, cobbling together content only when you can get around to it.

2) Start with Instagram

“For construction, if you aren’t on social media yet, start with Instagram,” Strief said, “It’s so much easier to manage. Your profile doesn’t require a ton of info, it’s picture based instead of text heavy, it’s easy to interact with others and there are a ton of monthly users.”

More than 1 billion monthly active users to be exact. No matter which platform you choose, Strief’s other piece of advice is to avoid overcommitting. Take on one or two networks at first then grow as you start to master each one.

3) Consistency is key

Social media marketing for construction is a powerful tool because it allows you to interact directly with potential customers, develop rapport and brand trust. The way to do all this? Consistency, plain and simple.

Make sure you’re posting regularly (for Facebook a minimum of three times per week is recommended) to engage with current followers and gain new ones.

“With consistency comes familiarity,” Strief said. “Your audience knows what they are going to get from your profile, and they’ll keep coming back. Consistency also comes with how you engage. Responding, not leaving people on read, helps grow a following.”

4) Quality is the other key

OK, so you have a plan, the platform and know when to post. But what exactly should you post?

Fluffy puppies and inspirational quotes aren’t good enough. Instead think of conversation starters. Talk about a new siding product and ask if others have used it or share what finishes your clients have been choosing.

“Quality content leads to quality followers,” Strief said.

Here are some other quick ideas for content:

  • Before and after pictures of projects
  • Progress videos
  • A day on the job site
  • Shout out to a sub
  • Sharing industry news
  • Spotlight on services, team members or what makes your business stand out

5) Be authentic

Authenticity and quality go hand in hand. You don’t want your Instagram to look like everybody else’s. It’s all about finding your unique voice, company personality and letting it shine.

Witty captions. Strong visuals. Reoccurring posts or themes. And, above all else, not just copying the competition. This all naturally breeds authenticity.

“Don’t be afraid to stand out and make it your own,” Strief said. “Make it look and sound like you.”

6) Track it all

What works? What doesn’t? It’s important to keep track of this as you bring your social media strategy to life. By staying attune to metrics, you can perfect your efforts and make a greater impact with each post.

You don’t have to pay for fancy analytical tools either. Some platforms, like Facebook, already have these built into their pages, and it can be as simple as measuring which posts were shared the most, got the most likes, started a conversation or actually netted a lead.

“Tracking is especially important as you try new things,” Strief said. “Use industry benchmarks or compare to how others are performing to see if you should continue with something. Test new things against others, make small tweaks then use the results to tell you how to boost success over time.”

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Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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