Decisions, decisions: 4 tips to simplify new construction selections

New custom home selections are often the most fun, yet overwhelming part of a build. Learn how construction apps make it hassle free.

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Hardwood floors or tile? Granite or quartz? Stainless steel or matte black?

Decisions, decisions, decisions … it’s all a bit dizzying. For homeowners, making new construction selections is often the most exciting part of their build. It’s when things begin to seem real, and they can envision their dream homes coming to life. However, those euphoric feelings aren’t always shared between client and contractor.

That’s because they know – and have seen – things go wrong among the hundreds of choices to be finalized. Maybe the project manager copied down the wrong material, your client has changed their mind or somehow the budget has ballooned out of control.

The number of new construction selections to be made and the options to choose from can feel like a lot – without even considering looming mistakes. That’s why contractors need every tool possible to help simplify this otherwise complex piece of the building puzzle. That’s where construction apps like Buildertrend come in.

Check out how digital tools – along with three other savvy tips – can help make selections stress free.

1) Clearly define who and when

The new construction selections process is where creativity really shines in a build – and everybody wants to flex their artistic muscles. Talk to a designer, and they’ll claim they’re the first point of contact to lead this piece of the project from beginning to end. Ask a custom home builder the same question, and you’ll get the same response.

So, that raises the question, who is in charge? The architect? The project manager? The contractor? The answer doesn’t really matter. Find what works best for your company and stick to it.

Clear roles and expectations aren’t just needed for your internal team. The client should be given parameters, too. Even though they’re the ones holding the purse strings, don’t be shy to give deadlines. Suggest a designated numbers of days to make all their choices – or risk the job falling behind. That’s every client’s worst nightmare.

2) Make new construction selections before the build begins

There’s not a moment to waste when it comes to making design choices on a new build. The sooner, the better.

You should work with your homeowners to decide everything as early in the process as possible – that means before the build even really begins. The best time is during the architectural phase when you’re fleshing out the future home. This may feel early to be deciding on details like doorknob material, but it can pay off big near the end of a project.

The quicker you lock down selections, the less likely bumps will arise like budget busts or schedule delays. It’s smooth sailing from here.

3) Prioritize the budget

Everyone wants the marble look – but many only have a quartz budget. It’s easy for homeowners to get carried away when making new construction selections. They think an upgrade here or flashier choice there won’t really affect the price … then comes the final bill. To their shock, their budget is blown to smithereens.

The best new home contractors would never let this happen. That’s because they’ve got an eye on the budget every step of the way. For them, being a great builder is about more than just a big fat paycheck. It’s being a good steward of your client’s wants, needs and limitations.

Be sure to communicate early and often about the budget – and how certain selection choices will affect what homeowners have to pay when it’s all said and done.

4) Modernize selections with construction apps

Cutting-edge platforms like Buildertrend can be your path to new construction selections success. That’s because it has a built-in Selections feature that helps you deliver on the three tips we just outlined – and more.

Everything is clearly organized, defined and can be templated to start as soon as the ink on the contract dries. By making this process digital, you’ll eliminate the back-and-forth and piles of paperwork. This feature allows contractors and their clients to finalize selections, confirm pricing of products and keep track of the project’s total cost. It all happens from a single screen.

Pricing and specs are clearly presented, and the job total adjusts as decisions are made. From Buildertrend, you can also collect electronic signatures and product warranties, too. There’s no better way to stay on top of every detail – and dollar.

This is truly simplified selections.

Ready to save time and stress with Buildertrend Selections?

With new construction selections, small changes can lead to big headaches. Not when you have Buildertrend on your side.

Now it’s a breeze to walk clients through all their choices, track changes and keep an eye on the end price tag. There are no more surprises for contractors or their clients. To see Selections in action, as well as Buildertrend’s other robust digital tools, schedule a demo today.

You’re not just in the construction industry. You’re in the customer service industry. With Buildertrend Selections, you can win both.

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