4 ways to save time managing subcontractors with Buildertrend

Subcontractors and BT

Hiring subcontractors is meant to save you time – not cost you more of it.

That’s where construction project management software kicks in. As a new Buildertrend user, you have tech in your toolbelt to get the most out of these relationships and mitigate risks as well. Even better, Buildertrend helps you get back your most valuable resource – your time.

That’s why you want to get as many of your trades to use the sub portal as quickly as you can. Tick tock. You’ve got nothing but your own time to lose.

Here are four ways Buildertrend gives you back hours upon hours with smart subcontractor management.

Scheduling for success

1) Simplifies scheduling

Our Schedule feature is for more than just you and your crew to view. Don’t keep it a secret. Share it with your subcontractors.

Instead of receiving a storm of texts or phone calls from trades asking when they work next, it’s clear skies with Buildertrend. All they have to do is check the project schedule to see when they’re needed.

If something changes and dates are pushed back, this tool can send automatic notifications to subs. That saves you a step and now you don’t have to stress whether you remembered to share need-to-know updates or not.

Our smart Schedule feature goes beyond just when though. It also gives the details of what is expected. Link To-Do’s to your subcontractors tasks to assign punch lists and define how they can help bring this project to life.

2) Streamlines communication

Remember that storm of texts and phone calls we mentioned before? Scheduling is a big reason for those but so are other issues and concerns. Safety measures on the jobsite, contract details, scope of work. These are the things subcontractors want and need to know.

Don’t send everything piecemeal through notes, texts, calls and emails. Bring it all under one roof in Buildertrend. Just like how you communicate with your team, our system can be your one source of truth for every message, every question, every comment.

It’s all organized by job and sub, too. Say goodbye to your days of hunting for subcontractor details. Forge forward the digital way.

3) Ensures everyone’s insured

Keeping track of your subs’ insurance coverage and when it expires is a time-consuming task. Buildertrend takes the work out of it. Store that information and other important agreements for each sub in our system then elect to receive notifications prior to when certificates expire.

Simple auto-reminders also make time-sucking manual processes a thing of the past.

4) Keeps projects moving

A project on pause is one that’s costing you money. Your subs can be the ones unintentionally hitting the pause button, too. Auto-reminders and tools in our app keep things on play. Sending bid packages to subs before work can begin is a great example.

Streamlining the entire process, our powerful platform has the capability to create, compare, send and store bids. Additionally, it notifies subs when a bid package is ready and communicates deadlines to keep things moving at the speed of need.

Get started managing subs in Buildertrend

Schedule a training to see all the ins, outs and priceless value of our subcontractor portal. Or, if you’re not using Buildertrend yet, schedule a demo today.

In a perfect world, your trades arrive right when they’re scheduled, complete their work, communicate as well as any member of your team and save your business tons of days and dollars.

However, construction rarely operates in a perfect world. Simply hiring a set of subs then leaving them to get the job done is not the best course of action. Just like your crew, they need to be managed. But doing so shouldn’t be your full-time job. Make it Buildertrend’s instead.

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Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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