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How to get your subcontractors to use Buildertrend

If your subcontractors aren’t using construction tech, they should be. Take note of these five ways to get your trades using Buildertrend.

Subs on Board

Even the best can get better. You believed that when you signed up for Buildertrend, and now it’s time to make your subcontractors believe it, too.

Smart construction software like Buildertrend might just be the way to better. Our tech tools are created with both the contractor and their trades in mind. We know software’s just as essential as the contractor for the success of any project.

The efficiency of your jobs depends on them and their expertise. So, of course you want to give them all the tools they need to be successful. It’s vital that trades are a part of your processes. There’s no easier way to make that happen than with tech like Buildertrend.

Our contractor software might as well be subcontractor software with all the benefits it offers them: quick payments, access to the project schedule, bid requests and easier communication with you.

It can be a challenge to get subs on board with trying something new, but with everything to gain and nothing to lose, it’s time to turn your subs into Buildertrend believers.

According to our senior manager of onboarding and education, there are five ways to get your subs on board:

1. Talk to your subcontractors before sending an invite

At the end of the day, it’s easy to say no to an electronic invite.

“Oh, we didn’t see that,” or “It didn’t make sense to me.”

Direct or face-to-face communication wields much more power and eliminates any confusion. Make time and have the discussion before inviting them to use Buildertrend. This will allow you to start an open dialogue and set expectations for your projects.

2. Don’t just tell them, show them the value

Telling your subcontractors what Buildertrend can do is one thing. But showing them will have a greater impact on their understanding and interest.

During your initial introduction, show off your account and how you’ll interact with them. The reality is, what you’re asking your subs to do within Buildertrend is no different than what they are already doing, it’s just streamlined in one central location.

“Builders need to showcase the ease of use and demonstrate how entering information into Buildertrend can often be easier than their current processes,” he said.

And the cost for subcontractors to use Buildertrend? Nothing. You’ve already taken care of that for them, so it’s really a no brainer. You just have to show them the value.

3. Make your invitation personal

Now that you’ve talked about and shown the value of Buildertrend to your subcontractors, it’s time to send them an invitation to join.

Have you ever received a birthday card without a personal note? Then you know it means so much more when someone takes the time to write one. Inviting your subcontractors to use Buildertrend is just like that. If you don’t take the time to make your invitation personal, why should they care?

Your invitation should include relevant information as to what Buildertrend is and how it will make their processes as a subcontractor so much easier. Explain how they’ll use the platform and invite them to ask questions. You can also send them to our award-winning support team for added training.

“This personalized invitation creates a clear picture, sets an expectation for subs and then gives them the resources needed to take their first steps,” he said.

4. Go a step further and organize a training

Buildertrend offers online resources and free, unlimited training for your subcontractors. You can set up individual training sessions or get a group together. The best way to get all your trade partners on the same page is having our support team train on and demonstrate the features they’ll use most.

All training sessions are live and interactive, so your subs can ask our experts questions along the way. Pretty cool, right?

5. Optimize your own usage of Buildertrend

This goes without saying, but your subcontractors will be more inclined to love the software if you’re also using its full potential. You can also use features like Bids and Purchase Orders that will prompt your subs to use Buildertrend regularly if they want to continue working with you.

“Make Buildertrend your standard for managing your bidding and purchase orders,” he said. “Then, relay to your subs that they need to submit their bids and approve their purchase orders through their account if they want to work with your construction company.”

It may seem like a boss move, but you are the boss after all.

Impress your subcontractors with quick and easy processes

These tips are just the start. Once your subcontractors see the value of implementing tech, they’ll be trading in their old tools for Buildertrend.

Our efficient software is good for builders and good for the subs who support them. Ultimately, you’re both on the same team, conquering the same projects, sharing success together. Using the same software just makes sense.

And if you haven’t made the switch from pen and paper to project management software, schedule a demo today. Now’s the time for you and your subs to better your construction companies with Buildertrend.

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Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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