Quiz: What kind of builder are you?

Enneagram tests. Strength finders. A quiz asking you to choose your favorite potato foods to find out if you’re an introvert or extrovert.

Chances are this isn’t your first personality test. Have you noticed how addicting they are? Once you’ve answered the first question, you’re already eager to race through the rest and get your results. Because you picked waffle fries over tater tots, are you an introvert or extrovert? You’re just dying to know!

So, we at Buildertrend thought we’d give this online quiz thing a shot. But as the world’s leading construction project management software, we’re not talking potatoes. Instead, we’ve brainstormed nine questions so you can find out what type of builder you are.

Bonus! Your results will also reveal what’s likely to be your Buildertrend feature favorite.

The science behind our questions isn’t enneagram-level exact, but we sure hope this is fun. Best of all, it shouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes.

Ready, set, get to quiz takin’!


1. What most excites you during the construction process?

  A) Talking and connecting with clients

  B) The planning phase before the project officially begins

  C) Tracking the dollars and details

  D) Being there for my team or subs

2. Which personality best describes you?

  A) Good communicator, doer, self-disciplined

  B) Creative, visionary, imaginative

  C) Logical, calm, curious

  D) People person, patient, cooperative

3. How do you feel about deadlines?

  A) I’ve missed one or two – but I always let the client know way, way in advance

  B) On time is late, so I always finish jobs early

  C) On budget is more important than on deadline

  D) I’m okay with my team taking a few more days for a job well done

4. Which label is most likely to be your yearbook description?

  A) Homecoming royalty

  B) Senior class president

  C) Valedictorian

  D) Star athlete

5. I know a project is successful when I ____.

  A) Get back to all my messages in a quick, organized way

  B) Set goals from the beginning and meet them at the end

  C) Stay on top of every penny

  D) Keep my crew motivated and engaged

6. Which of these sounds most fun to you?

  A) An unforgettable night with all your loved ones

  B) Being recognized for something you worked really hard for

  C) A quiz bowl

  D) A pickup game of your favorite sport with all your buddies

7. What’s your decision-making style?

  A) I talk it out with others

  B) I trust myself to make decisions quickly and easily

  C) I weigh all possible outcomes, variables and always make an informed decision

  D) I spend a lot of time thinking specifically about how a choice will affect my team

8. What’s your favorite thing about construction work?

  A) The clients

  B) The chance to lead

  C) The results

  D) The team

9. What’s your theme song?

  A) “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt

  B) “Run the World” by Beyoncé

  C) “You Do the Math” by Brad Paisley

  D) “We Are the Champions” by Queen


If you answered mostly A: You’re the communication conqueror

Look at you go! Popularity is the name of the game, and you’ve already won. You love to keep in touch with others, but understandably you’ve got a wide social circle – even when it comes to work. That means you could use all the help you can get when it comes to communicating with your team, subs, trades, clients and anybody else involved in a build.

That’s why your recommended feature favorite is … Messages! No more trying to hunt down emails, texts and sticky notes. Keep all your correspondence in one place, organized by job and super easy to find.

Other feature matches: File Management and CRM

If you answered mostly B: You’re the leader of the pack

Congrats Mr. or Ms. Top Dog! When it comes to winning the day, nobody does it better than you. And (as you probably already know) every great day starts with a great to-do list. You’re a leader through and through, so why not also start making to-do lists for others?

Enter the To-Do’s feature. Buildertrend is more than a homebuilding app just for project management. It can help manage people, too. With To-Do’s, contractors can hold their teams responsible by making punch lists, adding tasks for themselves and reminders for clients. Additionally, attach files and get automatic notifications, too. This gives action to accountability.

Other feature matches: Scheduling and Customer Portal.

If you answered mostly C: You’re the pseudo-accountant

Most people see numbers and start *internal screaming*. But when you see a deluge of digits it’s more like *internal cheering*. You might be one of those rare builders that finds actual enjoyment in balancing the books and watching hard work turn into cold hard cash.

We know it doesn’t sound possible, but this favorite thing of yours just got better thanks to Buildertrend’s Budget feature. Accurate as a bullseye, this feature tracks time clock labor, bills, purchase orders and more – right from the palm of your hands. With Buildertrend, you take the hard work out of finance management.

Other feature matches: Work in Progress Reporting and Payment Processing.

If you answered mostly D: You’re the team player

You shine best when everyone shines. To you, success should always be shared with your crew. Everyone’s efforts matter, and you aren’t afraid to let ’em know it. Your title really should be full-time construction professional/part-time hype man (or woman).

Hyping up others’ accomplishments just got easier with Daily Logs. Think of this feature as journal entries for the digital age. With the click of a button, document and share important information that keeps everyone on the same page and recognizes when someone goes above and beyond.

Other feature matches: Selections and Time Clock.


Embrace your builder type and give your feature favorite a try

All you have to do is try our construction job software, risk free!

Whether you’re the communication conqueror, leader of the pack, pseudo-accountant or team player, Buildertrend has all the bells and whistles you need to take your business to the next level.

See? Wasn’t that few minutes more valuable than any old tater tot quiz? ?

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