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Quick wins

When it comes to our users and Buildertrend, we know one thing to be universally true: They want to get in, get out and get back to work.

They aren’t in the Buildertrend business. They’re in the building business. Our construction project management software is designed to help them save major minutes and major moolah. The last thing we want (or they want, for that matter) is for anyone to get stuck in our system, more lost and confused than ever before.

That’s why our platform was built to empower. It brings the entire construction process into one super app. As such, there’s a lot Buildertrend can do. A LOT.

To show off some of these lesser-known functionalities, we began a weekly series of Quick Wins on Buildertrend’s Instagram story (@buildertrend). It’s how we engage and show users all the unexpected ways they can get even more from us. Quick Wins are also fast fixes. Something they can learn quick and use right away without additional training.

Consider these pro tips for pro builders. To make sure you don’t miss any of these expert insights, given by members of our team and influencers from across the industry, follow us on Instagram. However, in case you missed ’em already, here are our top five favorite Quick Wins so far:

1) Trade agreements and job site rules

Got job site rules, guidelines or safety procedures you want subcontractors to know? Share it all right in Buildertrend! Seriously. It’s that easy. All you have do is upload the rules right into their profiles.

Take it a step further and ensure they have read and reviewed everything, too. You can have them electronically sign off on them right in the homebuilder app. Ensuring everyone is following your dos and don’ts just got way easier.

2) Mobile scan

Messy desks with mountains of documents have no place in the world of construction. Get everything into Buildertrend and go from chaos to calm. No fax machine needed either!

Instead, all you’re going to do is use the Buildertrend mobile app to scan each document and store them within the Files section of Buildertrend. Now it’s all searchable, shareable and in the palm of your hands. Talk about next-level organization.

3) Subcontractor proof of insurance

Keeping track of who is insured and who isn’t is the last thing a builder wants to worry about. Now you don’t have to anymore.

Store proof of insurance within Buildertrend by subcontractor and even set expiration dates. That way you’ll get notified when their insurance is about to expire. Now, you’ll never have to worry about scheduling a sub who’s a walking liability again.

4) Billing for in-house carpentry or millwork teams

Straight from an industry influencer, Nick Schiffer of NS Builders, comes this Quick Win.

Like many builders, his company has an in-house carpentry staff that completes projects to support his new builds. His advice is to bill that carpentry work out as a purchase order in Buildertrend so the budget correctly reflects the work. Clients can then see that purchase order for increased transparency.

But that’s not all! You can track other millwork separately as its own job in Buildertrend, too. Doing so helps keep track of man hours and job costs. From one of the pros doing it best, that’s what bringing your entire operation under one roof looks like.

5) Use Daily Logs to ensure updates are accessible to all clients

Daily Logs. Our users know them, they love them. But have you ever thought about how impactful those updates are for clients who might be hearing impaired?

Matt Risinger of Risinger Build, another construction trailblazer, saw this firsthand with a recent client and shared this Quick Win.

If phone calls or Zoom meetings aren’t an option, the Customer Portal in Buildertrend becomes all that much more important. Clients can check out their job progress through text, images or videos in a Daily Log instead. Completing and sharing one each day keeps everyone up to date on what the field team is accomplishing, but most importantly, it keeps clients in the know, too.

Want more Quick Wins? We got ’em!

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Trust us. You don’t want to miss more advice like the five wins above. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click that follow button @buildertrend.

We’ll see you on Instagram stories for the next Quick Win! ?

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