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How to manage your multifamily home renovations with tech

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In the world of apartment renovations and remodeling, projects move fast. Tenants move out and multifamily contractors like you move in to prepare the home for incoming renters. Most days, you have numerous jobs running at once. Time is money not only for your remodeling business, but also the apartment communities.

It’s time to retire those old processes and replace them with construction technology. Buildertrend is the gold standard in project management software for multifamily contractors like you and here’s why.

You can easily manage several multiunit construction jobs at once

There are dozens of processes and procedures to keep track of throughout the life of each apartment renovation. To keep projects moving, it’s important to maintain a schedule and keep well-organized documents to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Buildertrend makes it easy to do all these things with our Schedule feature and unlimited file storage.

We call the Schedule feature the backbone of our platform because it’s the most powerful tool for keeping your projects in motion. It can help you keep your team and clients up to date on the progress of each apartment renovation job. Using the Schedule makes it easy for you to quickly make changes to the calendar while simultaneously updating your team and clients. The Schedule feature ensures your projects are structured and that everyone involved is always informed.

In addition to schedule management, taking control of your documents, photos and videos will guarantee easy day-to-day operations. You’ll also limit the amount of time spent on searching for essential files. Buildertrend offers unlimited cloud-based storage that allows all documents, photos and videos to be stored, organized and easily accessed. No more searching through miscellaneous files on your computer or rifling through paperwork in a filing cabinet. And as an added bonus – being able to easily access your files ensures you’re always prepared in the event that there’s a dispute regarding terms of contract or work that’s been completed.

You can effectively communicate with your team and property managers

Our project management software also has several methods of communication that your team and the property managers on site can benefit from. All features within our construction tech work seamlessly to ensure effective communication for all parties involved. A few of our user favorites include To-Do’s, Daily Logs and the Customer Portal – all of which will make your multifamily renovations and remodeling project more organized and efficient.

Adding To-Do’s and assigning them to your team makes it easy for you to track progress and know who’s responsible for each task. It will also alert them, so they’re aware. You can even assign To-Do’s to your client or the property manager. Allocating To-Do’s such as making selection choices to your clients is a great way to keep communication open when it comes to decision making. It also keeps them involved throughout the entire process.

In addition to To-Do’s, Buildertrend has Daily Logs, a feature that makes dozens of daily phone calls a thing of the past. Daily Logs are essentially daily progress reports that allow your team and clients to view what’s been completed on every project at the end of each day and what tasks will take priority the next day.

Our final user favorite feature is the Customer Portal. Using this tool is a great way to stay connected with property managers without having to do regular in-person meetings. You can upload progress photos and videos to keep them involved and even share and request document signatures. All information you share on the Customer Portal will be there for the duration of the project, so your clients can access and refer to it at any time.

Using our in-platform communication tools keeps everyone updated while ensuring you have everything documented, organized and available in one place.

You can track your finances to ensure your remodeling company’s success

Managing cashflow is a major part of remodeling project management, and using Buildertrend makes it easy. With multiple projects going on at the same time, keeping track of money coming in and out in addition to change orders can be a lot to handle.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Using financial features such as Estimates, Budget and Payment Processing makes financial management painless. Creating accurate estimates and maintaining a set budget is hard with fluctuating material prices and a competitive building environment. Buildertrend makes it easy to set price breakdowns and see the potential profit for each job. Plus, you can say goodbye to paper checks. With Buildertrend’s Payment Processing, you can streamline and simplify the way you pay and get paid by offering online payments.

Let Buildertrend renovate the way you manage your multifamily construction projects

If you’d like to learn more about these features or have questions, feel free to reach out. We know our top-notch construction project management software can make your remodeling jobs a whole lot easier.

And if you’re ready to take the next step in managing your apartment renovations, schedule a demo today!

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