Working from home? Maximize your productivity with these simple tips

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Working from home: Currently a trending topic and the reality for many people around the world. If you’re like us, you’re still trying to adjust to your new surroundings or your new home office.

Whether you’re at home alone or with your spouse, kids, pets … maximizing time and being productive can be a challenge. The television’s on in the background, you’re trying to help with virtual homework and the dog wants to play fetch – but you still have projects to manage.

We totally get it.

We want to help you find your groove and make the most of this work-from-home, not-so-normal life. We’ve done our research and put together some of the top tips for how to maximize your time and increase productivity while working from home. You’ve got this.

Scheduling for success

Designate an office space

If you’re not used to working from home, you probably don’t have a designated office space. You’re not alone. Luckily, if you’re using Buildertrend, you can access documents, stay in touch with your team and clients and manage the status of your projects from anywhere.

When it comes down to staying on top of business and crushing your daily goals, it can help to create a space that gets you into the right frame of mind. Whether it’s a desk in the spare bedroom, the dining room table or the kitchen island, a makeshift “office” space can dramatically impact your ability to be productive. And don’t be afraid to dress it up a bit. A little aesthetic goes a long way. Do whatever it takes to make your new “office” space work for you.

It’s also important to note that it can be affective to separate your workspace from your leisure space. If you’re working from a desk in the spare bedroom, don’t sit there to do some casual reading. If you do your best work from the comfort of your couch, that’s great, but try sitting on the opposite side, not your favorite lazy Sunday spot.

Create a routine

According to Airtasker, working from home can increase productivity, and their study found that telecommuters worked 16.8 more days per year. So, what keeps telecommuters so productive? Well, for starters, having a routine really works.

Having a routine is the easiest way to adapt to change. When working outside of your home, routine happens naturally – making coffee, getting ready, driving to the office, etc. When working from home, it can be much more difficult to get into the swing of things, especially at the beginning.

Getting into a routine will help to create consistency in your day, which will ultimately lead to increased productivity. Start by setting daily working hours for yourself and wake up at your normal time. Sleeping in sounds nice but can ultimately throw off your entire day. So, get up, get ready like you normally would, grab that coffee and put together your schedule for the day. Making a daily list of things to accomplish will help you set realistic goals and maintain your time management.

And don’t forget about lunch! Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t take a break.

Set clear expectations for others

Setting expectations for others is just as important as setting goals for yourself. Communication is key and it’s essential to keep everyone on the same page about what’s expected from them while you’re working from home. Buildertrend can help! Using communication methods like To-Do’s, Daily Logs, Schedule updates and messaging ensures that you stay connected with your team, trade partners and clients.

You can also use these communication tools to remind your team about available learning opportunities like our Buildertrend trainings and webinars. Taking advantage of these resources now can positively impact your team’s product knowledge and usage on future jobs.

On the home front, setting expectations can sometimes be harder, especially if you have children. A great way to set limitations is by using an easy-to-understand method like a sign on the door. Create a sign that has one red side and one green side. The red side reminds kids that you’re busy right now while the green side tells them it’s ok to come in. Handy, right?

Another quick tip that can help limit interruptions is to have easy activities planned and snacks readily available throughout the day.

Distance yourself from distractions

Putting on headphones to listen to your favorite playlist is one thing but binging a show on Netflix while trying to do productive work is a whole different story.

It goes without saying that today’s world is chock-full of distractions and being in the comforts of home doesn’t help the situation. You’ve got incoming work emails, your phone alerting you of social media updates, and we’re sorry to break it to you, but trying to work with HGTV on in the background isn’t going to do you any favors.

To maintain productivity while working from home, it’s essential to get rid of as many distractions as possible. Put your phone in airplane mode, turn off the TV and designate a quiet space to work for a couple hours at a time.

We’re here to help

We know this time is challenging, and we’re here to support you as you navigate this uncertain time. You, our customers, continue to be our highest priority. Our team is standing by to help you with anything you need.

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