4 ways to launch construction technology in your processes

Buildertrend makes construction management simple – but where do you begin as a new user? Here are four tips to easily onboard our system

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Change is inevitable and often necessary, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy – especially when it comes to introducing construction technology to your team.

Call it the slow revolution. Traditionally, the industry has been slow to pick up software solutions. Many other fields have embraced innovative change, but construction has lagged behind. In fact, year over year, there is roughly only 1% growth when it comes to adoption of tech.

So, as you bring on digital construction management platforms like Buildertrend, it might seem overwhelming and confusing at first. This new system is a big change from the old way of getting things done. But it also presents big opportunities.

If you’ve just started with Buildertrend but don’t know where to, well, start, we’ve got you. We talked with Sarah Linn, a team lead and onboarding specialist, to uncover tips and tricks to find success with our software – right from the very beginning.

Do these four things and you’re much more likely to stick with our construction tech and see some major wins.

Sarah Linn

Sarah Linn, onboarding specialist

Think big, start small

The work starts even before you tackle all the gadgets and gizmos offered within our platform. Prior to picking up construction technology, first ask yourself, “What are my goals? How do I think Buildertrend can better my business?”

Even if you’re already familiar with software and think you’re ready to just dive in, perform a deep analysis of your business. Take note of the three to four areas you have opportunity to improve with software. Then prioritize the list based on factors, such as: complexity to implement the change, current pain points, impact to the business and resources necessary to be successful.

Now it’s time to get started. Your first priority takes precedence.  Stay focused on it while learning how to use our software. But you don’t have to do it alone – your Buildertrend support team is there for you. They’ll identify which features help you reach that goal. Then they’ll teach you how to master those digital tools one by one.

“Just like learning anything, it is better to start small and then build upon that. This way you are not taking on too much and are able to understand your new process,” Sarah said.

Once you crush your first priority, it’s time to move onto the second.

Individually buy-in before getting team buy-in

If you expect technology to help your business, you need to be invested and set the example for your team. Explain why construction technology matters and how it affects each role individually.

“When employees accept decisions or changes, they are more likely to be productive when tasked to use tech,” Sarah said.

The short-term pain is worth the long-term gain. It’s important your employees understand this – your enthusiasm best illustrates this. Because if you’re not invested, don’t expect your team to be either. Have a plan for your staff and identify who is going to help champion Buildertrend to others.

Tie tech to your organization’s goals and present it in a way that empowers everyone,” Sarah said.

Invite the right users at the right time

Do you want to triple your chances of success with Buildertrend? We know the secret to make it happen – and we’re sharing it here.

Companies that add a second user are 3.71 times more likely to succeed with Buildertrend. Our tech’s power is fully realized when you unlock its collaborative capabilities. That’s when the real time-savings come in. All communication happens in one place. Processes are streamlined. Everyone is looped in on everything they need.

However, you don’t want to invite every employee, sub and client at once. In this case, the tortoise wins the race. You want to be smart about who you add and when. That way you’re not overwhelmed and have the opportunity to help your staff get up to speed.

“I would start with senior employees right away to lead new initiatives. This is an effective strategy for supporting change,” Sarah said. “You can release Buildertrend in limited teams where it’s likely to have the most positive effect. This will ensure the supervisors and other employees whom the rest of the staff look to for advice and leadership will show enthusiasm.”

Take advantage of templates

When you start a new job, don’t start from scratch ever again. Templates take the hassle out of your hustle.

Throughout our features, you can utilize templates to save a ton of time with processes. That’s not the only benefit. Templates organize information and make it easier to get new jobs off the ground, too.

That’s why it’s worth it to spend time identifying which processes are repeatable and what you’d like to standardize across jobs. Whether you build custom homes, remodel bathrooms or handle service jobs, templates are for everyone.

Standardization is the key to creating efficiencies and ensuring things are repeatable, no matter how different each project is.

“A company’s operations consist of tasks that must be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis to ensure that it runs smoothly. If these processes aren’t standardized, you’re inviting chaos,” Sarah said. “Standardization with templates can decrease guesswork, guarantee quality, boost productivity and increase employees’ morale.”

Not yet a Buildertrend user? Let’s get started

It’s always good to try something new – especially when that something new is construction technology. For your team, the possibilities to improve collaboration, profits and workflows are now right there. In the palm of your hand.

So, remember: Don’t give up. Persevere. We’re with you every step of the way.

If you’re already using Buildertrend, be sure to take advantage of our unlimited training and support options. Or, if you haven’t given our construction management system a try yet,  schedule a demo now to see what it can do for your business.

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