3 ways to make construction software more human

The robots are taking over! Well, not really.

Sometimes it sure feels like it though, right? In today’s digital world, tech is everywhere. However, the construction project management software powering your business doesn’t have to be cold and lifeless. It’s time to make the inhuman human!

Digital humanism is all about putting people at the center of the digital age. It centers on evolving and developing technology to support and improve human experiences. That’s where homebuilder apps like Buildertrend come in.

These platforms are both powerful and personable. They don’t replace our capabilities. They complement and enhance them. Having tech in your toolbelt has never been more important either. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face interactions — whether with your crew, clients or subs — are minimized for the safety of social distancing. With software, you can be together even while apart.

Seeing tech as the solution (and not the enemy) will increase buy-in, too, finding you the type of efficiency that saves hours and major moolah. Here are three ways to make construction software more human, personable and an essential part of your team.

1) Make the most of training

With software solutions, such as Buildertrend, you get more than just the software itself. You have an entire training team behind you. They’re rooting you on, available to answer questions and ready to make even the most complex processes easy-peasy.

The worst thing a new user of tech could do is download it then not take advantage of the unlimited training it includes. These voices on the phone – or faces on the screen if you go the Virtual Consulting route – will help guide you and your entire team through onboarding and beyond. Training helps to get everyone engaged and familiar with construction job software’s impact, but it also makes things personal.

You can discuss what you’ve learned, ask follow-up questions and tailor fit features to work the way you work. Training sets the direction for lasting success while also giving personality to any platform.

2) Communicate to foster collaboration

Humans are social creatures. It’s just the way we’re wired. We need to connect, we need to belong, we need to have our voices heard. All that can happen with software for construction professionals – and more.

Think of your project management solution as your office or job site gone digital. The conversations that once happened face-to-face can now take place online thanks to messaging and commenting features. Even better, it’s all organized by job, searchable and recorded. Now, no details get lost in the shuffle.

Information is no longer kept in silos, and it’s impossible not to stay connected when all communication happens right in the palm of your hands. With the ability to give software access to project owners, crew members, subs and even clients, everyone plays a part in this community. Truly, there’s nothing more human than that level of collaboration.

3) Let software do the grunt work

Consider this. There are cars that now drive themselves and machines that diagnose medical ailments. Still, most of us would prefer to see a driver behind the wheel and a doctor beside the exam table.

There are just some jobs that can’t go 100% digital. Construction is one of those. However, software does have the power to make work seem less like … well, work. With features like Scheduling, To-Do’s and Time Clock, you’re spending less time managing your people and more time managing your business. A Budget tool and Work in Progress Reporting take the hassle out of your hustle when it comes to tracking financial health, too.

OK, you’ve got hours saved and everything is running smoother than smooth. So, what’s next? That’s where the human aspect comes in. Technology has the power to free up your time, so you can spend more resources on the stuff only humans can do. We’re talking strategic planning, conceptual thinking, creativity, actually acting as the face of your business to clients and leads.

You handle the stuff that makes running a business rewarding and worthwhile. Construction software will handle everything else.

You’re hired! Get tech on your team now

Warm. Personable. Helpful.

Are we describing a superhero or tech? Trick question. The answer is both when the tech in question is Buildertrend.

This is the No. 1 construction project management software trusted by homebuilders, remodelers and contractors across the globe. And it can be a part of your team now when you try it risk free today.

Buildertrend is ready to lend your team a helping hand … or, helping feature set in this case.


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