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6 organization tips for new Buildertrend users

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You’re feeling flustered. Papers cover your desk, and you can never find what you’re looking for. Sticky notes line the walls reminding you to do the next thing on your list. Even though you’re working hard, you feel like you aren’t getting anything accomplished.

Well, we’ve got the solution.

Now that you’ve become a Buildertrend user, you can say goodbye to overwhelming papers, double-booked schedules and the stress of figuring out the next to-do. With our full collection of features, all you have to do is type in your Buildertrend login, and you’ll have access to the industry’s best construction management software.

However, we know that can feel overwhelming, too. There are a whole lot of tools at your disposal, but you’re not totally sure how to use them all yet.

The good news: Our award-winning customer success team is always by your side, and we have tons of training opportunities. Additionally, this blog post will serve as a cheat sheet to help you get organized – and stay organized – in Buildertrend.

Let’s do this.

Personalize your preferences in the Notification Center

In Buildertrend’s upgraded Notification Center, users can personalize their notification preferences for their optimal workflow.

Simply click into your settings or straight from the Notification Center to make preferences about what you want to be notified about and how you’d like to receive notifications (via text, email or in-app).

This provides a personalized experience, delivering updates and action items that are important to you in an easily accessible location. Only focus on what matters most to your job, and streamline your projects in a few simple clicks.

Utilize Daily Logs

The Daily Log tool allows you to document and share important information with your team, subs and clients. Send notifications with updates, conveniently make notes with voice-to-text, and automatically record weather updates and delays.

One of the most widely used project management solutions in Buildertrend’s home building software, Daily Logs lead to more efficient projects, improved communication and easier-to-manage projects both on and off the job site.

Delegate confidently with To-Do’s

One indicator of a strong team leader or project manager is their ability to delegate. Don’t let old methods keep you or your construction company from thriving.

Our construction tech allows you to create and assign tasks to your team and subs or set reminders for your clients, all in one simple feature. Add To-Do’s with voice-to-text, easily attach documents and photos, assign tasks to users and send automatic notifications.

You can literally speak your project into existence, all while enhancing communication with your team and subs. To-Do’s lead to more efficient – and more completed – jobs.

Send Messages with ease

Leave those traditional, overcrowded email inboxes in the dust. With Messages, you can manage your communications, leave job-specific comments and control which content is viewable to subs and clients.

With Buildertrend’s construction software, you can use your existing email account, receive the notifications you need on your phone and keep all communication in one place.

Embrace speedier response times and save time from clicking around to different inboxes. You can do it all in just one place.

Simplify your day-to-day with the Schedule tool

Give a home builder a Schedule tool, and watch them take over the world.

The backbone of Buildertrend is the Schedule feature, which keeps all jobs on track. Users can make adjustments on the go and notify all parties in real time. Personalize your preferences by viewing the Schedule on a Gantt chart or by syncing with your Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook.

With a tool that makes it easier to maintain timelines and keep projects on track, you’ll be able to complete more jobs and take on more work. Sounds like world domination to us.

Organize your files with photo and document storage

We all have that one friend who just has a few too many selfies on their camera roll. There’s no shame there, but Buildertrend has a solution – at least, for your home building project photos and documents.

Online file sharing in Buildertrend eliminates unnecessary trips back to the office or job site. Anyone on your team can access photos, videos and document files at any time within the Buildertrend app.

You can also organize files in folders within each job and share them with multiple users, allowing clients and subs to stay in the loop. The convenient access on the go and organized file system keeps everyone in the know and keeps your important files from getting lost in the shuffle. 

Ready to see a world of difference in your construction project management? We’re here to help. Schedule a demo today to learn how Buildertrend can help your construction company find organization and efficiency.

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