Webisode: Getting your team on board

Here’s how to get your team's buy-in and start implementing Buildertrend’s construction software

Chelsea Cole / Buildertrend

This webisode about getting your team on board is the first in our new user series. This webisode series is dedicated to showing you how to implement Buildertrend and why it’s so important to get buy-in from your team. Hear from our experts and be confident in knowing you’re making the best decision for your business.

Check out the full webisode to learn about the importance of building a strong foundation before implementing construction software. See why starting with employee training and Buildertrend’s Core features is the best next step for your team.

We’ll cover:

  • Building the foundation and prioritizing pain points
  • The basics of Buildertrend’s Core features
  • How to get your team set up with employee training

Watch now to hear from experts:

  • Zach Wojtowicz, onsite consultant at Buildertrend
  • Taylor Henne, CSS education coordinator at Buildertrend

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About the Author

Chelsea Cole
Chelsea Cole

Chelsea Cole is a technical copywriter at Buildertrend

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