Help your team grow with Buildertrend’s Learning Academy

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Give your team the resources and training they need to be successful with Buildertrend’s Learning Academy.

With onboarding and certification courses, feature-focused training and other supplemental resources, the Buildertrend Learning Academy is stocked with the educational materials your team needs to advance in their roles. They can engage and learn with us online at their own pace, and they have the freedom to train while on the go via their mobile phone or tablet.

Buildertrend’s online learning environment will make training easy and will allow your team to confidently navigate the features within Buildertrend.

Onboard new employees with ease

Get your newest team members up and running within Buildertrend in no time! In addition to the unlimited support from your account executive, you can now give your newest associates access to the onboarding courses within our Learning Academy.

Within the Buildertrend onboarding section, you will find a series of short videos that will cover topics like setting up a job, setting up a user, getting to know some of our quick-win features and getting started with your schedule. Giving your new team members the opportunity to go through this section right from the get-go will ensure they’re prepared when they start working within the Buildertrend platform.

After completing the onboarding section, your employees will have the opportunity to continue their learning by accessing supplemental resources like live and on demand webinars. Or, they can go a step further and become an expert in their specific role with one of the certifications or Super User pathways.

Certify your team with role-based training courses

We get that you and your team are busy with the constant day-to-day tasks of being in the construction industry. And this means your crew has limited time to train during business hours. That’s why the Buildertrend Learning Academy allows them to implement self-guided learning experiences and role-based trainings that compliment Buildertrend’s other service offerings.

Using Buildertrend’s certification courses, your associates can take role-based training courses whenever they have time. Whether they’re a project manager, officer manager, designer, salesperson – there’s a unique certification curriculum path with over six hours of content just for them.

Buildertrend Learning Academy will help make your team onboarding and training process better than ever while creating a great experience for your team.

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