3 keys to successful technology adoption in construction

Quickly get your team on board with construction software

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The question isn’t, “Does construction software make teams successful?” That we already know. Buildertrend customers see a significant return on investment, including 55% less time spent on job production and 50% less time on communication between field and office*.

Instead, the question is, “How do I successfully get my team to use construction software?” We get it. Technology adoption in construction is tricky. For many companies, the story goes a little something like this … owners buy a digital platform, workers feel overwhelmed by changes, usage drops until the system fades away and manual processes come back into play.

In fact, 61% of contractors reported employee acceptance (or lack thereof) as the top obstacle for technology adoption in construction. However, the time is now to break out of our comfort zones. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the power of tech in keeping jobs on track – so it’s time to find a way to embrace it or fall behind.

Below, we’ll discuss how to move beyond the bumps in the road. We mean the ones that stop your team from accelerating towards more profits and projects with tech in hand. Buckle up – let’s hit the gas.

*Based on research of internal data conducted by Hobson & Co on behalf of Buildertrend.

1) Choose software that works the way you do

Today’s builders have no shortage of software systems to choose from. So, how do you know which is the right fit for you?

First, it’s helpful to identify specific inefficiencies you’re looking to tackle or goals you hope to reach. For example, you might want to establish a better system of communication on job sites, rethink your financial workflows or address the matter of securing new leads.

Or, perhaps, all three of these issues are top goals for you. After all, who says you have to choose just one? That’s why you’ll want to select a platform that can remedy pain points specific to your line of work. For those in construction, the leading solution is Buildertrend. It comes loaded with digital tools that streamline practically every step of the building process.

You might be wondering … how does this help with adaptation? Team members are more likely to latch on because they only need one system to keep work moving forward faster.

2) Follow a results-proven implementation strategy

After you identify the problem you want software to fix – and find just the right tech solution for it – the next step is to go all in all at once, right? Well, think again. No need to perfect processes and productivity overnight. Trying to do so is a surefire way to overwhelm even the most digital-savvy crew members.

To avoid burnout before you even begin, take a layered approach to implementation. At Buildertrend, we work with our customers to create a custom action plan that first addresses the most painful challenges they face. They’ll learn just a couple of features initially. Once those are mastered, we continually build and allow for ongoing innovations in the field or office by introducing more functionalities. We’ll get your team up and running very quickly going step by step, feature by feature.

When it comes to technology adoption in construction, forgo the all-or-nothing approach. To emerge victorious, you want to be the tortoise – not the hare.

3) Get employee buy-in through unlimited training

Who really likes change? We can guess few reading this raised their hands. Your crew members and subs are the same way. But that’s just what construction software is – a game changer.

To get your employees’ buy in, you want to encourage them to use tech every day throughout the day. Generate companywide enthusiasm and designate staff experts to troubleshoot concerns along the way.

One way to generate excitement and avoid disruptions is to take advantage of continued training provided by your software solution. Unlimited support is included with Buildertrend. Involve your employees in the training so they are learning what they need to know as they need to know it. They can then quickly apply that knowledge in the field.

As part of your support, Buildertrend experts will help import data into our system so all information is centralized. You can do the same with communication for your team, assigning tasks, sharing schedules and even clocking into the job site. Keep it all in one place, not all over the place.

The more you establish standard operating procedures within the system, the more your team will use and enjoy tech.

Choose software that sticks

You’ve got to put in a little work for a big return. When it comes to successful technology adoption in construction, it’s as simple as that. Meaningful input begets meaningful output. Systems like Buildertrend provide pathways for increased productivity – but your staff and subs need to be on board.

If you’re a Buildertrend customer looking to help your team with more training, contact your Customer Success team. Or, if you want to get started with the world’s No. construction project management software, schedule a demo now.

We’ll help you race around those roadblocks and get on the fast-track to a bigger, better business in no time.

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Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson

Sean Robinson is a copywriter at Buildertrend

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