How to future-proof your construction business with tech

More than ever, your company’s success depends on innovative tools and strategies that help you stay ahead. Here are tips to help builders become digital transformation heroes.

Illustration showing how to future proof your construction company with tech.

The only thing we can count on in today’s ever-evolving world is change. Everything’s certain to evolve at some point.

That’s why it’s never been more vital for construction businesses to adapt quickly. But how does that happen? It’s all about using new tools – the type that equip your company for an uncertain future and ensure you’re ready for whatever comes next.

When it comes to getting the job done right, hammers, saws and nails are important – but now modern innovations have become equally important. Leveraging digital technology might help automate processes and enhance security, no matter the size of your construction company.

What is digital technology and how does it affect construction businesses today?

Social media. Cell phones. Apps and online games. These are just a few examples of digital technologies. Think of it this way: It’s those computer-based systems and resources that store data and make our lives immeasurably easier.

Chances are, you have digital tools – some new, some old – already at your disposal. But do you know how to use them effectively for your construction team? Are they making your company more productive, or are they just taking up space in the bottom drawer of your desk?

Today’s home builders and remodelers are exploring digital technologies at an unprecedented rate. Many companies have already moved beyond basic email marketing platforms to gain a competitive advantage through digital tools that improve customer experience, streamline operations and increase productivity.

Why you should future-proof your construction business with digital technology

Digital technologies and transformation are vital for businesses striving to stay ahead. Home building may be one of the oldest trades, but it’s changing to keep up with today’s online world. It’s what clients want – and you should, too.

However, this isn’t just about having the latest construction software; it’s about leveraging these innovations to take your business to the next level. Your digital transformation can help your company become more agile, innovative and productive – ultimately, it will allow you to react faster and overcome even the biggest obstacles facing the industry.

Common misconceptions about digital technology’s use in a construction company’s operations

  1. Having digital technology is enough – Digital technology is only useful if it’s properly integrated into your organization’s structures and processes. Otherwise companies do not see any benefits from using these online tools.
  2. The higher-ups have all the information – Having access to data isn’t enough. All employees should be empowered with the right resources that will allow them to make smart decisions.
  3. Tech is only for millennials – These tools are used by all generations, not just millennials. Digital technologies should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn and use them.
  4. Construction software will slow down company operations – Digital transformation does require work (and learning), but it pays off. This will enable your company for future success.
  5. Tech skills can’t be taught – There’s no such thing as a tech expert who knows anything and everything. Even if you’ve been using digital tools for years, continual learning and development are necessary to keep up.

Why is digital transformation important?

Well, the list of benefits could go on and on and … OK, you get the point. But one of the most important aspects of tech is how it promotes collaboration. Digital tools allow your team to access information from anywhere at any time. It also facilitates communication in real-time between any two people.

For example, Buildertrend construction project management software comes equipped with tools like Messages, To-Do’s and comments. Through these different features, your crew in the field can communicate with project managers back in the office or vice versa. Everyone is in the know and in the loop.

But it goes deeper than just collaboration. Digital technology makes it easier for you to automate processes that once took hours to complete. Instead of taking meeting after meeting to review selections with clients, all that back-and-forth can seamlessly happen in a construction app. Or, watch your numbers update in real-time as you use budgeting and construction estimating tools that don’t require manual entry like spreadsheets.

This will increase company productivity and save valuable time – time that could instead be spent thinking of new strategies that will help your company thrive.

How to future-proof your business with digital technology

Now that you know the importance of digital transformation, you’re probably wondering: How do I make it happen for my business? Here are nine tips for consideration:

  1. Start with the end in mind – Digital transformation is a long process, so it’s important to have goals to guide you through it all. What is it exactly you want to accomplish though? Maybe you want to increase revenue by 5% or reduce late-night client check-ins by 50%. Whatever your goal is, make sure it’s measurable and achievable with the systems you choose.
  2. Plan for a learning curve – Success doesn’t happen overnight, and that saying holds true when introducing a new tech solution into your processes. Make the time to learn software by taking advantage of every training opportunity. The effort you put in upfront will pay off.
  3. Be a data-driven business – Use digital technology tools to analyze trends and determine your company’s future. Construction software can help you pull reports on total billings, profit margins and cost to complete. Now you can take a deeper look at finances and make educated decisions that lead to more profitable jobs.
  4. Invest in people and culture – Digital innovation empowers all employees by giving them access to important information, no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Collaboration across the company increases your chances of achieving your digital goals, so invest in getting your team on board.
  5. Embrace change as an opportunity – Reimagine change as an opportunity rather than a challenge because ultimately there’s no going back. The digital age is here, and tech will be a necessity in all companies for years to come. Why not take advantage of it right now?
  6. Evaluate digital tools – Every construction software solution has its pros and cons. That’s why it’s important to compare which tools would work best for your team’s future.
  7. Set digital marketing goals – Digital marketing is about measuring trends and then developing strategies that help your company stay ahead of competitors. It’s important to have realistic goals so you’ll always know where you stand.
  8. Continuously improve – Remember what we said at the beginning of this post? There’s nothing so constant as change. That’s why it’s not good enough to just learn tech then settle for the status quo. Instead, continually train and learn how else these online tools can bring value to your team.
  9. Take it one step at a time – Keep in mind that there are many small steps involved when introducing new technology into your daily company operations. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to accomplish too much too quickly.

Tips to becoming a tech-savvy construction company

Be digitally literate. It’s not enough to know tech tools are available. Your employees need digital literacy skills to use these innovations successfully in their work.

Be innovators. Create new solutions that solve business problems or streamline operations. In other words, work with your construction software support team to see how different features can be customized to meet your unique goals.

Digitize documents. The digital age has rendered paper documents and printers obsolete. Now’s the time to rid your office space of them and consider digitizing hard copies of client and supplier invoices, contracts and any other paperwork that’s especially important to keep as part of digital records. Tools like Buildertrend software have unlimited file storage for documents, photos and videos. It’s all organized by job, too, and easily accessible for the entire team.

Use social media channels to enhance operations. You can implement digital tools such as a chatbot on Facebook Messenger or an interactive chat feature on your company website. This allows visitors to engage with their website more than ever before.

Don’t forget about security! As you take on new tools, be sure they are secure or continue to develop security strategies that meet industry standards for digital privacy concerns.

Step into the future of construction with digital technology

Your company’s success depends on digital tools and strategies that help you serve customers better. By following the steps and tips we’ve shared in this article, your construction business will be able to take business operations online and become a digital transformation hero.

To get started, consider adding construction project management software like Buildertrend to your toolbelt. Try it risk free, and experience the digital difference for yourself.

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