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Buildertrend’s evolution: Why we have a new look – and what this means for the residential construction industry

New Buildertrend logo and new tagline "Word simpler." on a blue background

Welcome to the next era of Buildertrend! We’re excited to reveal our new look and share the story behind it.

Over the years, we’ve evolved from a project management platform to an all-in-one solution for running a better construction business. With our recent acquisitions and a more robust set of tools and services to offer our customers, it was time to take the next step toward the future of construction management.

This new chapter in Buildertrend’s history represents how we’re recommitting to our vision to change the way the world builds. As our company evolves beyond job management, we’ve also introduced a new mission: To bring order and efficiency to the construction process for all by empowering residential contractors with a better way to run their business.

See the evolution in action:

What does this mean for our customers?

Our look may have changed, but our service is still exceptional – in fact, it’s better.

After 17 years in the industry, we know our builders want to work simpler, see more growth and calm the chaos in their business.

Our new brand helps customers achieve just that.

From project management software to a complete solution for running a business, Buildertrend has evolved. How have we done this?

  • Acquisition of CoConstruct and CBUSA: Joining forces with these industry leaders meant delivering the best of all three companies. Better technology, better service and better products.
  • Launch of Buildertrend Takeoff: After being one of our customers’ most requested features – we listened and delivered. Now builders can upload digital blueprints and create more accurate estimates faster than ever.
  • Offering exclusive insurance options: We helped builders find affordable coverage that protected them from the unexpected, so they could take smarter business risks and win more jobs.
  • Building a set of financial tools and services: Bookkeeping integrations, convenient online payment options and financial lending services helped customers stay on top of their bottom line.
  • Partnering with The Home Depot: A fully integrated purchasing experience and exclusive discounts enabled our customers to complete more projects on time and on budget.

With our new product offerings, Buildertrend has become the partner construction pros trust to help them succeed – not just on the job site, but in every aspect of their business.

A note from our leader:

“Thank you for trusting us to help run your business. Every update. Every day. We work to bring order and efficiency to your business. We wouldn’t be here without customers like you. Our new logo is a symbol of our promise to empower you with our platform to calm the chaos and work simpler.”

– Dan Houghton, CEO and co-founder of Buildertrend

Meet the new Buildertrend

New mission. Enhanced solutions. A stronger brand. Buildertrend is the future of residential construction management – and our new look reflects that.

A more modern and professional brand shows Buildertrend is the expert when it comes to helping construction pros succeed. With our extensive set of features and services, our builders achieve greater profits, efficiency and client relationships than ever before.

So, what’s new?

  • Updated logo: Similar look, new meaning. Notice that notch in the middle of the “b” that resembles a slotted screw head? That’s our nod to the industry we serve. You’ll also see a slash through the notch leaning forward which demonstrates our promise to keep progressing and innovating.
  • Fresh colors: The Buildertrend blue is here to stay, but now it’s bolder and more mature. You’ll see a mix of blues including navy, teal and electric blue against bright, warm accents like coral and gold throughout our new website. With numerous acquisitions under our belt, we wanted a more cohesive set of colors that spoke to the best of each company.
  • New font: A subtle but important difference to the Buildertrend brand, our font is now more intentional. With a more geometric and structured appearance, you should find that reading our content is easier on the eyes while giving off a warmer and more friendly tone. You’ll also notice “Buildertrend” is no longer in all caps to make it clear that it’s one word.
  • Improved design: You’ll notice updates on our website as we begin rolling out our new look and refreshed brand. Expect to see a more organized, energetic and mature look. Patterns and illustrations now reflect the building process with shapes you’d see in residential construction. Our photography is authentic and diverse, too. All this works together to represent how Buildertrend reduces the clutter and noise in your business.
  • Better tagline: In fact, it’s more than a tagline – it’s a promise. Work simpler. This is the Buildertrend vow to calm the chaos in construction management. We understand the goals and challenges builders face, which is why we’re empowering them to work smarter, not harder with our innovations at their fingertips.

What it means for the industry

Since 2020, COVID-19 and the unstable economy have affected markets across the world – and the construction industry was no exception.

Increased demand, supply chain constraints and significant cost increases are just a few of the unexpected changes construction businesses have endured over the last three years. However, with Buildertrend, our customers were able to keep up.

But based on our founders’ belief that settling is never good enough, we wanted our builders to do more than just keep up. Our new goal was to help customers excel in this new market and be prepared for the future of construction. A pivot in our mission and our service was crucial in order to keep changing the way the world builds.

That’s why rebranding was the clear next step.

Our new look reflects this next evolution of Buildertrend ­– the leading solution not just for project management, but now for overall business success.

Welcome to the new era of Buildertrend

Our new look is just the first step to bring order and efficiency to the construction process. So, what’s next?

Join us in Las Vegas at the International Builders’ Show to get a first-hand look at our new brand and learn how we’re empowering builders with a better way to run their business. RSVP now.

Not a Buildertrend customer yet? Now’s the time to give us a chance. We’re new, we’re improved ­– and we can’t wait to help your construction business succeed. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

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