Why Buildertrend’s acquisition of CoConstruct, a complementary construction project management software, is good for the industry

The future is bright for businesses leveraging Buildertrend or CoConstruct residential construction project management software

buildertrend and coconstruct are building together

We’re excited to announce Buildertrend’s acquisition of CoConstruct, a complementary provider of project, financial and client management software for independent builders in the residential construction industry.

Recently, we shared news of Bain Capital Tech Opportunities’ and HGGC’s investment in Buildertrend – and all the growth opportunities it would unlock. This is one of them.

The move will enable Buildertrend to offer the richest set of technology and services dedicated to empowering independent and custom homebuilders, contractors and remodelers. If you’re using Buildertrend or CoConstruct’s construction project management software, you know that our tools help coordinate projects better, control finances and communicate with clients and crews. Whether you are a customer of Buildertrend or CoConstruct, or you’re considering making software a strategic part of running your business, now is the time to double down on your commitment to strengthening your business with construction management software.

What does this news mean for our customers – and for all construction professionals searching for the better way to run their businesses? Here’s a look at the reasons you should be excited that Buildertrend and CoConstruct are building together:

Two companies, one commitment: better construction project management software

Buildertrend and CoConstruct have similar histories in terms of age, success and purpose to empower contractors to build better. Our two businesses also share a common philosophy and commitment to making construction management simple and intuitive for builders across the globe.

Joining forces means both teams will be working to improve your construction business through technology and professional services.

We will deliver the best of both companies

Our companies have complementary operations and product capabilities. We’re already working to understand how to bring the best of both to you. Together, we can build significantly deeper product integrations and a strong combined roadmap, making us the best long-term software solution partner for the industry.

Already using Buildertrend or CoConstruct? Stay the course. You’re on the path to greater business success with tech. As we work to combine and widen offerings, we’ll continue to support all products available to Buildertrend and CoConstruct customers. We’re committed to fulfilling features on our product roadmaps. This deal allows for even more integrations and a combined roadmap, which makes us the best long-term construction project management software solutions partner for your business.

You’re backed by a stronger team of top talent

We’re bringing together two talented teams already hard at work developing the latest and greatest solutions for construction businesses. Our combined companies bring considerable experience and talent to strengthening our residential construction project management software and service. We are focused on making a better product and experience for you. This means rapidly bringing innovative technologies to help builders across the world.

We’re gaining knowledge and numbers, too. A larger team means we’ll be able to provide even better customer service through a much larger support organization that can better serve your training and support needs.

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This deal unlocks the power of CBUSA for Buildertrend customers

Buildertrend customers will also realize cost savings with the integration of CBUSA, the nation’s largest group purchasing organization for home builders.

Recently, CBUSA has expanded its “national contracts” program, which allows builders to have standardized discounts and rebates across all their markets for certain categories and manufacturers, resulting in large savings on everything from appliances to plumbing fixtures. Builders on CBUSA are empowered to access supply outside their local markets, unlocking previously inaccessible supply. Sign up to learn more as we release more details on this partnership.

Undisrupted software and service

Whether you are a customer of Buildertrend or CoConstruct, your service will be uninterrupted. You’ll continue to be served by the customer service teams you know and count on. We’re moving quickly to integrate our customer-related processes and information systems so we can continue to provide you with excellent service. In the short term, we will continue to operate our businesses as usual while we undertake a speedy but thorough review of all aspects of our combined operations.

If you’re not using tech to improve your construction business, don’t wait

The construction industry is growing fast, but it’s also been slow to adopt digital tools. As the industry has faced the challenges of COVID-19, we have demonstrated that now is the time to adopt remote project management tools. The alternative is to get left behind, period.

Buildertrend’s and CoConstruct’s products offer the broadest set of features and capabilities for construction management.

Buildertrend brings the whole building process together in a powerful system designed to manage the many tasks of custom builders, remodelers, and specialty contractors, from pre-sale processes, project management and financials to customer management. CoConstruct similarly offers a strong set of capabilities that complement Buildertrend’s, including enhanced financial features, specifically their industry-leading estimating module and financial module.

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