3 ways Buildertrend eliminates common construction speedbumps

ways to avoid construction speedbumps

The road to project success is rarely one that’s perfectly smooth. Around every bend are speedbumps and potholes that slow teams down. Or worse – throw things to a grinding halt.

Construction is deadline-driven work. The last thing you want to do is putter along like a minivan-driving mom in a school zone. From the minute you gain client sign off, it should be full throttle, gas-to-the-floor, all hammers blazing! So, how do you go from minivan to mega efficiency?

There are three Buildertrend features that act as your silver bullet when it comes to removing project speedbumps: Change Orders, Selections and Bids. Let’s explore each one and hear how they helped speed things up for other Buildertrend users.

1) Change Orders

Change is a good thing – even in construction – when you have Buildertrend.

Our Change Order feature gives teams like yours the power to create and deliver change orders from the office or even on the go. Further making things seamless and simple, construction professionals can capture electronic signatures from clients instead of having to wait for a face-to-face meeting.

Now deadlines won’t be pushed back because you can’t find time with a homeowner. Get that approval and get things moving forward faster than ever.

“When a Change Order is required, work doesn’t have to stop or slow down. With Buildertrend, we can easily create a Change Order while at a job site, and the app will send a notification to the customer within seconds,” said Steve Kemp, president and owner of Kemp Construction Management in Delta, BC Canada.

2) Selections

“Selections was always a big thorn in my side,” said Joe Robertson, owner of Shelter Solutions LLC in Portland, Ore.

Too many choices, too little time. When it comes to the selections process, this is often the reality for many contractors.

It’s meeting after meeting. Siding, light fixtures, cabinet finishes – the list goes on. It all needs to be meticulously considered and discussed between clients and the teams bringing their dream homes to life. Buildertrend has the power to remedy this from pain point to perfect process.

Selections are a thorn in the side no more. Eliminating the back-and-forth and piles of paperwork is Buildertrend’s Selections feature. This tool allows contractors and their clients to finalize selections right within the system. That means choices can be made from the comfort of anywhere at any time.

Better yet, all communication is tracked, and pricing is included to help both parties keep an eye on the project’s total cost.

“With changing minds and the endless back and forth, keeping it all in Buildertrend has helped immensely. Our selections coordinator can now easily walk customers through their options in the system,” Joe said.

3) Bids

Bid better, quicker. That’s the Buildertrend way of getting things done.

Don’t wait for subs to get back to you and struggle with transferring construction bid details into contracts. Buildertrend empowers you to take control.

Streamlining the bid request process, our powerful platform has the capability to create, compare, send and store bids. Additionally, it notifies subs when a bid package is ready and sets deadlines to keep things moving at the speed of need.

“Our old process for bid estimates and resulting To-Do’s required me to do manual data entry between my email and an Excel spreadsheet,” said Brad Blair, founder and owner of Spruce Homes in Saskatoon, SK.

“Not only was this time intensive, but it made it difficult for me to delegate tasks to my team since so many of the details were living only in my email. With Buildertrend’s Bid Requests feature, all information is organized within the platform, which makes it easy for anyone on the team to access, track updates and delegate tasks at any given time.”

Elements of a contract

Speed toward a project process free of speedbumps

You don’t want to bottom out before you really get ready, get set and go. That’s why you should schedule a training now. Your support team is there to help your business implement these three features in way that works for you.

But that’s just the start! They’ll also help you discover other paths for avoiding speedbumps. It’s all about finding the right fit features specific to your team.

Not a Buildertrend user? Schedule a demo now and see what project speedbumps we can remove for you!

Because, with Buildertrend, it’s go time – not slow time.

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Sean Robinson Sean Robinson is a senior content marketing specialist at Buildertrend

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