How to debunk common construction myths with smart tech

Myths. Superstitions. Tall tales.

Sometimes they’re fun – like Bigfoot and mermaids – and sometimes they’re not. This holds especially true when they pertain to a certain industry. Lawyers can’t be trusted. Doctors are just in it for the money. Teachers are stretched way too thin.

OK, so maybe that last one is true. Otherwise, misconceptions about career fields are usually harmful, not based in fact and just downright wrong. Construction is no stranger to this type of buzz.

So, what are we to do? Just let the haters hate?

Heck no! We’re going to take the higher road. The more informed road. It’s time to address these fallacies head on and correct them. And the best way to disprove the doubters is by smart tech.

Seriously. Construction project management software for builders, remodelers and contractors helps to debunk the most common construction myths. Don’t believe us? Think this is just another tall tale? Well, then check this out:

Myth: Construction can’t meet deadlines or budget

Fact: Yes, there are the horror stories of projects that get really, really behind schedule and go really, really over budget. But that’s why people are talking about them. They are the headline-grabbing exception, not the rule.

Still, it goes without saying that unknown situations arise that set things off course. We’re talking weather, unforeseen structural issues and permits. Curse you, permits!

Don’t let any of this stand in your way anymore. Permits have met their match in the form of software. We’re talking platforms filled with features that let you schedule the right way and manage your budget down to the last penny.

Myth: Contractors are terrible communicators

Fact: Communicate this: That myth simply ain’t true! Contractors are great communicators.

Contractors are responsible for not only overseeing their team and the process of every project but also act as the liaison for clients. As such, they’ve got to communication a lot. A LOT. Updates. Selections. Budget. That’s just the beginning.

All of this can be communicated in one convenient, super handy, useful place. That place is … you guessed it, software. The best tech gives access to both contractors and customers. With an easy-to-use homeowner portal, clients can simply login to see how their job is doing. Software brings all your communication together.

Myth: Construction is a dead-end career

Fact: Wrong. Just plain wrong.

Construction isn’t just mindlessly slinging tools. There’s planning, organizing, managing, budgeting, analyzing … all the things! Really, it’s a profession where you use both your head and your hands. The work is meaningful, too, as you literally create dream homes. We’d like to see someone with just a desk job do that!

That’s plenty of opportunity to specialize your skills, level up your career and reach your potential. Introducing software as an extension of your team can help do just that.

Designate a point person (or two!) to be in charge of onboarding whatever platform you choose. This is also an effective way of attracting millennial talent. Software specialist sounds like a pretty fancy career title to us.

Myth: Construction is stuck in the past

Fact: We get this one. Admittedly, construction has been one of the slower industries to adapt to the digital age. However, today’s tech-smart buyers are demanding a change in order to meet their needs, as evidenced in Buildertrend’s Homeowners Report.

Really. It can’t just be hammers and nails anymore. Or, spreadsheets and pen and paper. More and more, builders are turning to cloud-based platforms to help get jobs done. Old methods are being left in the past.

Instead, the savviest of the industry – the leaders and trailblazers – are managing the whole building process right from the palm of their hands. Construction – yeah, there’s an app for that.

Be a myth breaker

As a contractor or remodeler, the last thing you want is to serve as living proof of these construction myths. No. Instead, you want to shatter them.

To defy these stereotypes, you need smart tech in your arsenal. You need Buildertrend. And it all starts with a super quick demo.

Bigfoot might not be real, but the best builder ever sure is. Why can’t that builder be you?

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