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Creating your construction invoice with Buildertrend just got easier

Creating construction invoices is an essential piece of running a successful business. And keeping numbers accurate requires simple workflows and organization. That’s why our product team has worked hard to create a new invoicing experience to streamline your processes within Buildertrend.

To learn more about this update, we reached out to Emma Dickinson, one of our product managers. She’s got all the insider information and answers you need to get started.

What motivated the revamp of the construction invoice software within Buildertrend?

Construction invoicing is an important component to any business, and our builders need to make sure they’re charging their clients the correct amounts. And although all the financial data that builders invoice from is inside Buildertrend, there were some significant usability issues with our previous workflow. New users getting started with Buildertrend struggled to figure out how to invoice for costs or line items in other areas of the system or didn’t realize we had the functionality at all. That’s why we took the opportunity to improve on this important, yet underutilized, feature. 

How did your team use customer feedback to guide improvements?

We read through lots of customer feedback regarding our invoices and started to see a few themes. We then did a usability test where we asked a group of Buildertrend users to complete a variety of tasks. We compared their ability, or inability, to complete those tasks, and how long it took them when using the existing process versus the new process. With the updated construction billing methods, users were able to create invoices in less time and with a greater degree of certainty.

What problems are being solved with the updated capabilities?

Builders running fixed-price projects need the option to charge their clients for their work through their estimate, with any selection choices they make and on any change orders that pop up. Previously, to invoice those items, three separate invoices had to be created – one invoice for each area. This caused confusion for clients who received multiple invoices in a day. And if builders tried to consolidate three invoices into one by manually adding line items, they would lose the link between line items and the actual invoice. This meant that the invoiced amount for those line items would be incorrect.

Now that there’s a single place where builders can see everything that still needs to be invoiced to their clients, there’s a lower risk of something getting missed. Which ultimately leads to less coming out of our builder’s profits.

How will these updates make invoicing more efficient for our customers?

With the new construction billing process, users can create an invoice for their client by starting on the Owner Invoice page.  From there they can import costs from their estimate, selection choices and change orders into a single invoice. In addition to that, they can still choose to partially invoice any of the cost items if there are certain elements their clients will be paying over multiple billing cycles. 

Create your construction invoices with ease using Buildertrend

With everything we do here at Buildertrend, we know there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s feature redesigns or product updates, our end goal remains the same: to provide the best possible experience and continued success for our customers.

If you’d like to learn more about the Invoice feature update or have questions, feel free to reach out. Want to see how Buildertrend could help with your construction project management? Schedule a demo today.

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