Behind the business: AFT tours a five-acre desert oasis #BuiltWithBuildertrend (Part 5 of 5)

Behind the Business: AFT Part 5 of 5. Brad Leavitt tours a five-acre desert oasis

Behind the Business series: We’ve saved the best for last. In this final installment of our “Behind the Business” series with AFT Construction, you’ll get an exclusive home tour of one of their amazing builds. President and founder Brad Leavitt walks you through all five acres of property, highlighting what makes this project challenging and some ways Buildertrend helped bring it to life.

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“The finished project speaks for itself.”

Brad Leavitt is right. This home is more than just a home. It’s a desert oasis. The very epitome of good living.

And we’re giving you an inside look of all five acres. Below is just a teaser of what you’ll see. Get the full home tour here.

Brad’s company, AFT Construction, is one of the leading home building teams in the Phoenix area and beyond. They’re known across the country as a business that puts sustainability and client expectations first, even as they build in the rough terrain of the Arizona desert.

That’s why they were chosen as the first team to be featured in our new “Behind the Business” video series. AFT Construction sets themselves apart from the rest – and sought to explore that drive. What makes them so successful? Is it the team? Brad’s leadership? Their construction tech?

Turns out it’s all three factors perfectly mixed together. As you’ll see in this video – and throughout the rest of the series – Brad highlights the entire AFT crew’s efforts, insightful building tips for other contractors and the role Buildertrend played in helping this massive property come together.

If you enjoy fine craftsmanship and a behind-the-curtains look at how one of the industry’s best is doing it, this video is for you. We’re proud to say this home was #BuiltWithBuildertrend.

What are the key takeaways?

Location, location, location plays a huge role in creating something that wows

This build was nicknamed “Saguaro Grove” for good reason. Normally AFT relocates and replants five or six saguaro cacti to make room for a new home build. For this project, it was upward of 30. However, they used the desert environment to their advantage. Everything is designed for dual indoor-outdoor living. Brad shares how he made this happen to increase square footage inside the home.

“We’re in November. We’re at 75 degrees. Feel that breeze coming in through the front door straight to the back, and it gives you that amazing view. That view of the sunset. The view of the hillside,” Brad said.

With construction software, more square feet doesn’t mean more complexity

A tight deadline. Delayed materials and supplies. Many, many vendors all working together.

This build had it all. Yet, AFT stayed on track and on deadline. With Buildertrend, the complexities of this job stayed under control.

“Buildertrend is a really great resource because all of our projects have designers and architects, so there is a lot of information,” Brad said. “Think of this house. There’s 8,000 square-feet livable, and that’s a lot of detail. All of that gets uploaded in Buildertrend.”

Build from the inside out

Brad believes good landscaping should feel like art. This project’s impressive modern design demonstrates just that. With a house of this caliber and magnitude, AFT knew all the outside details would come last.

And every last piece of this palatial property is intentional, down to the decision of where and when to use real grass versus turf.

“It’s all about the little things,” Brad said.

Behind the Business: AFT

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