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Behind the business: Keeping large projects on track with construction tech (Part 4 of 5)

This is the fourth post in a five-part series taking an in-depth look at how AFT Construction builds bigger and better with residential construction management software.

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Behind the Business series: This week, we bring you the fourth post in our series highlighting AFT Construction, a leading home builder in Scottsdale, Arizona. Throughout this series, you’ll hear from the team firsthand and learn what jobs were like before construction software, the transformative effect Buildertrend had and how they use it today to bring epic builds to life.

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Brad Leavitt, president of A Finer Touch Construction, started his biggest build ever in January 2020. Five acres of land. More than 8,000 square feet of livable space. About 12,500 square feet under roof.

Challenges were thrown AFT’s way: the pandemic, a complex housing market and materials shortages. Despite all of that, Brad’s team had a project failsafe helping them stay on track for their November 2021 closing deadline.

“I couldn’t imagine doing a project such as this without Buildertrend,” he said.

Find out the two ways Brad used construction management software to complete the project by the move-in date.

1. Scheduling confidence

The Schedule feature is our most popular tool used by construction pros. With it, you can keep jobs on track and make adjustments with ease.

Setting up your production schedule allows you to accurately map out what needs to be done and when. No one’s left wondering what’s coming next in the home building process or which subs need to be ready. It’s also what gave AFT confidence in their original closing date.

We recommend you don’t set it and forget it, though. Once a job is built out, you can use several project management tools to stay organized and collaborate with your team.

Along with a schedule item for every step, builders can document what was finished each day. Brad’s team used Daily Logs to track jobsite progress and share information with the team.

“As I was holding the subcontractors and trade partners accountable, the Daily Logs were key,” Brad said. “We were able to go through and identify how many framers were on site, what tasks were complete that day and if there were any delays due to weather.”

2. Communication in construction projects

Executing a home build of this magnitude requires communication with your team, subs and the home buyer. Brad and the AFT team took advantage of the messaging tools within our home builder software to create an open dialogue.

Many of AFT’s clients live and work out of state, but the Customer Portal made it less necessary to visit the job site. They received photos and regular updates about the timeline to keep expectations in check.

He would tell them, “This is what we’re forecasting, here’s reality, and here’s where we’ll be.” Clients want to come along for the entire process, which is why home builders love that our portal allows for streamlined communication.

Beyond using the Customer Portal, the AFT team kept in contact with subs along the way. A custom home build requires dozens of specialty subs, and without Buildertrend, it would have been difficult to have everyone aligned and give them access to important documents.

“The biggest benefit as we’re working with our trade partners is that they can follow along (in Buildertrend),” Brad said. “They knew when our closing date was. They knew when we needed certain materials.”

Keep projects on track with construction scheduling software

The secret is out. Buildertrend made it possible for Brad’s team to follow the original home construction timeline, despite challenges like labor shortages and supply chain disruptions.

Find out how Buildertrend can transform your business. Schedule a demo to get started today.

More great content from AFT Construction is coming your way. Be sure to come back for next week’s installment that showcases more of Brad’s big build.

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