5 types of videos for effective construction marketing

Snapchat. IGTV. YouTube. Tik Tok. The list goes on … and on …

It’s no longer good enough to snap a picture, hit upload and call it a day. Video platforms are the reigning social media right now. In fact, online videos are forecasted to make up 82% of all consumer online traffic by 2022.

So, the question is: Do you want to get ahead or get left behind? As the ruling king of the internet, videos are also the most effective way to reach potential customers. After all, people retain 95% of content when they watch it as a video as opposed to just 10% with text alone.

That doesn’t mean you should start practicing the latest Tik Tok dance or injuring yourself in a viral challenge. Producing videos doesn’t have to be a production. It’s all about creating authentic content that connects with your audience.

That’s more important now than ever since you might be reducing face-to-face meetings with leads amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Videos allow you to still get your voice out there (literally) and act as another opportunity to promote your business.

We’ve already given the lowdown on leveling-up your brand through video. But this post hopes to take it a step further. Here are 5 different types of videos for effective construction marketing:

1) Brand-building Q&As

What makes your company different than anyone else? How do you treat customers? Who are you?

All questions homeowners want to know – and can be answered with a simple Q&A. This is your big Hollywood moment! Get yourself, other leadership or even crew members in front of the camera to talk about what makes your company awesome.

Showcasing your vision, mission and services, the goal here is to build awareness, plain and simple. Consumers want a good build, but even more than that, they love a good build that comes from a good company.

2) Live videos

A new phenomenon to video marketing, lives are taking the world by storm. And it makes sense when you consider they draw higher engagement rates. Viewers spend up to 8.1x longer on live videos than on static.

So, what deserves to go live? Great question! Announcements, like a special offer or new design model, are practically asking for their moment in the live spotlight. Also consider streaming interviews, presentations or any promotional events.

Think of it this way … anytime you want viewers to comment with questions might be the time to go live.

3) Video tours of builds

Build something really impressive lately? No doubt you have. Then, let your work speak for itself.

This is as easy as picking up your phone, pressing record and walking through a recently completed project. Or, give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at a build in progress to show off the hard work your team does day in and day out.

If you’re in the remodeling game, this is your chance to get creative. Start the video with a before shot of the space, then splice toward the after. The results are sure to rack up the Facebook likes.

4) Customer testimonials

We’ve learned that construction pros are a humble bunch. They don’t like to brag. Now you don’t have to! Let your prior clients do it for you.

Nothing is more powerful to leads than hearing from someone just like them. Create short snippets asking those happier than happy clients to describe how your company delivered a dream build experience or go in depth to really tell a full customer success story. Sharing these on social media is a start but customer testimonials have a longer shelf life and perform well on your website or within email marketing campaigns, too.

Think of these as reviews on your business. However, you’ve got the advantage because you know they’re always going to be brimming with the type of positive details that reel in new clients.

5) Vlog/webinars

Potential customers want to work with contractors who are seen as true thought leaders in their industry. It starts with using cutting-edge tools like construction project management software, but video content marketing helps solidify your status.

Creating weekly or even just bi-monthly vlogs and webinars on various topics pertinent to other construction pros could get you a loyal audience that’s eager to hear what else you have to say.

This is your chance to show you’re up to snuff and you know your stuff. If you can impress even your competitors, there’s no reason leads won’t come flocking, too.

Ready, set, action!

By now, you’re surely ready to play director. Your brain must just be brimming with great ideas that are screaming, “Record me! Record me!”

Before you do, consider fast-forwarding your business into the future. If you haven’t already begun using the No. 1 construction job software, Buildertrend, try it risk free now.

It’s got all the features you could want (and then some) to help you find the type of success worth bragging about over video.

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