Talking home projects and power tools with Sarah Listi

Episode 77

Today on “The Building Code,” Tom and Paul are joined by power tool reviewer and home improvement enthusiast, Sarah Listi, digital creator of Tool Girl’s Garage. Sarah is a dog lover from Texas who grew up building and helping her dad with projects, which has carved her career path and inspired her passion for this business.

Tune in to the full episode to hear about Sarah’s passion for learning and how she uses her knowledge, experience and talents to inspire others to take on projects.

Staying creative and active during this time is so important. How do you make it happen?

“I think it just comes down to what you love. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. I find sketching out furniture designs at night to be very relaxing, but that’s a necessary part of the job. I find writing articles and discussing tools and even getting further into the mechanics of it to be so therapeutic and exciting, and I try to think of that one person reading it who’s like ‘I didn’t know that.’ That’s so inspiring to me.”

You often speak to the fact that women are underrepresented in construction. How do you cope? What keeps you coming back?

“I’ll be honest, that part can be tough. I think in life in general when you’re faced in a situation where you’re not in the ‘normal’ category for your group, you can either spend your time being defensive or you can spend your time saying let me show them that they’re wrong. Right? In a way that’s respectful and in a way that maybe does open their eyes for the next person, too.”

“The community itself is really pretty amazing and I think that’s how you change the narrative. And I’ve really not met anybody who didn’t support more women going into the trades and being a part of this world. I hope that’s something that always continues. I hope that’s something I can continue to help motivate. If I can help motivate one young girl to up being an electrician – how cool would that be?”


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