Tiny homes with Mike Cheatham: Movable Roots

Episode 54

This week we are joined by Buildertrend user Mike Cheatham. Mike is the co-owner of Movable Roots based in Melbourne, Fla. Tom and Paul talk to Mike about the history of his company, the challenges they must overcome to build high-end tiny homes and toilets … yes, toilets.

Movable Roots

Mike says he grew up with “hammers in his hands” and “building in his blood” so it was no surprise that he was always building one way or another, whether it was working on framing or CrossFit equipment. After the market crash and a shift in career, Mike and his wife wanted to downsize, and explore the tiny home realm of home building.

They bought a piece of property (not without some struggles, of course) and Mike and his brother spent their weekends building their first tiny house. After finishing, they knew they were onto something and by 2017, they broke ground with Movable Roots.

Unique Challenges

Building high end homes with a small form factor is a unique section of the building industry so it comes along with a unique set of challenges. Mike explained some hiccups they encounter while building.

  • In a normal home, if a plumber misses a drain line, things can be shifted to fix it. In a tiny home, if you move something as little as a quarter of an inch, not everything will fit.
  • Those interested in buying tiny homes are young couples and empty nesters, meaning an entire generation of families interested in Tiny Homes is skipped.
  • Homeowner struggles. Mike and his team have to help homeowners lock down land they can settle on and financing. Both of which are not easy to do when dealing with tiny home building.

Listen to the full episode to hear how Mike Cheatham and his team work through these challenges and what suggestions they have for fellow tiny homebuilders!

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