Interior trends with Melissa Hyrszko: Veranda Estate Homes

Episode 36

On this episode of The Building Code, we’re joined by Melissa Hryszko, co-owner of Veranda Estate Homes. Veranda Estate Homes builds fully custom homes from the ground up in Calgary, Alberta. And Melissa is no stranger to podcast recording! When she isn’t designing homes, she is a co-host of the podcast Modern Design Minds. We’re discussing best business practices, upcoming trends and why it is important for builders to work with interior designers.

Best Practices

Melissa spoke on best practices she has learned while working in the industry.

  • Service comes first. Clients of Veranda Estate Homes can call Melissa if there is ever any problem, regardless if it is out of the scope or timeframe of the warranty, and Melissa and her team arrange for the issue to be resolved immediately.
  • No verbal agreements, ever. Melissa sends her clients a follow up after every meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page and all agreements are documented.
  • Be honest and transparent. This is important to Melissa, because it attracts the customers she strives to work with. When she is transparent about the value of the custom work that goes into a home, customers who appreciate that same value choose to work with her.
  • Utilize Instagram. Melissa considers Instagram to be the best free marketing tool for Veranda Estate Homes. Her tips for utilizing Instagram include staying engaged with followers, answering questions and giving a face to the company.
  • Get interior decorators involved at the beginning. Melissa says getting interior decorators involved at the start of projects streamlines the entire process for everyone involved.

If you want to hear us discuss the importance of interior designers, upcoming trends and which TV star Melissa is related to, listen to the full episode!

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