How solar energy is impacting the industry: Ipsun Solar

Episode 18

Ipsun Solar founder Herve Billiet joins us on this episode of The Building Code podcast to discuss the future of solar power and how it will change everything.

You’re probably wondering, “What does ‘Ipsun Solar’ even mean?” Once called “Smart Power,” Herve realized that name was a little too common and didn’t bring much of a punch. After researching the word “smart,” he found that “Ipsun” means “yourself.” And when you think about the work Ipsun Solar is doing, it just makes sense. People create their own power with the solar panels they install. As for the word “solar” … well, that’s just a necessary part of the company name (especially to avoid people calling you at 3:00 a.m. thinking you’re a power company).

An engineer by dedication with a master’s in electromechanics, Herve (with the help of his co-founder Joe) started Ipsun Solar about three years ago. When it comes to the work Herve and the Ipsun Solar team do now, their niche is residential installs. Between the price of solar panels dropping and the increased efficiency of the panels themselves, more people are ditching their energy bills to create their own power with solar panels.

Ipsun Solar offers just two choices of solar panels (standard and high-efficiency), which keep their offering simple and to the point. And with those two options comes a price difference, but both are still reasonable.

The company has about 140 projects going on at one time, all being managed within Buildertrend. The Ipsun Solar team updates their customers every Tuesday after a standard team alignment meeting, which has become their number one differentiator in the market. “A touch point is a touch point,” co-host Tom Houghton says. And it’s true! At the end of a project, customers are happy because of a lot of transparent communication.

What’s excites Herve about the future of solar? Batteries. “Batteries are going to be a part off every solar installation that we do,” Herve says. And he’d love to see solar become a part of regular new builds and remodels. At the end of the day, solar is a form of construction, and he wants it to be seen that way. “The most exciting piece is that it becomes reborn and regular.”

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