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Financial Tools

As accurate as a bullseye

With Buildertrend, you’ll have financial tools that can help you keep track of billing right down to the last penny.

Video: Geolocation data can only be seen by hitting ‘Preview’.

Line Item Invoicing


Generate line-item invoices from your estimate, change order or customer selection sheet.

  • Integrate with QuickBooks and Xero
  • Accept online payments
  • Set deadlines and send reminders

Payment Processing

Accept online payments via check and/or credit card, and pay your subs just as easy.

  • Get paid faster
  • Invoices in QuickBooks and Xero are automatically updated when payment is received
  • Safe and secure


It’s so easy to track time clock labor, bills and POs from the field that you’ll never stress about going over your budget again.

  • Track financial health on the go with our app
  • Compare estimate vs actual
  • Integrate with QuickBooks, eTakeoff and more

Purchase Orders

Experience end-to-end functionality, from creation to approval, and even electronic payment.

  • Send to subs for sign-off on scope of work, payment terms and trade agreements online
  • Track approvals, status and invoices
  • Import from SoftPlan, Excel and more


Buildertrend integrates perfectly with your favorite finance tools like QuickBooks and Chase.

  • Seamless integration means you don’t have to worry about interruption of workflow
  • It’s simple and easy — all it takes is the click of a button

Lien Waivers

Buildertrend makes it easy for you to manage documentation for lien waivers all in one place.

  • Status tracking and online approval
  • Automatic release on payment
  • State-specific language provided

Time Clock

Trouble tracking employee hours? We can help.

  • Clock in/out from the app
  • See who’s clocked in/out at any time
  • Pinpoint staffs exact location on a map
  • Run payroll reports and more

Change Orders

Change is inevitable. Create and deliver change orders from the office or on the go.

  • Quickly create from the app
  • Get approvals with electronic signatures
  • Collect payments online

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