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About Brown Haven Homes

Brown Haven Homes was founded in 2005 and started as a one-off custom homebuilder with an office in Hiawassee, Ga. Today, Brown Haven Homes has expanded its footprint to neighboring states North Carolina and South Carolina where the company is helping clients personalize the home buying process by offering more than 20 customizable floor plans.

Before discovering Buildertrend, John Allen, owner of Brown Haven Homes, allowed employees to manage projects and backend processes with their software of choice, which ranged from Excel to email. As the business grew, utilizing disconnected software no longer made sense, especially for employees that were on the road and needed to access documents quickly. Brown Haven Homes was in search for a project management software that allowed all employees to stay seamlessly connected no matter where they were.

Scaling Business with Buildertrend

Brown Haven Homes’ journey with Buildertrend began in 2016 when John attended the National Association of Home Builder’s (NAHB) International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Nev. and visited the Buildertrend booth. In an industry littered with reminders scribbled on notepads and to-do lists on napkins, Buildertrend’s project management software enabled Brown Haven Homes to more efficiently manage projects in pace with significant business significant growth, also offering the company additional features at a competitive price point.

While the Buildertrend platform offers robust features to help customers like John create efficiencies and accelerate business growth, many features remained untouched from the Brown Haven Home team until Brad Smith, purchasing manager at Brown Haven Homes, and Brittany Walker, executive assistant at Brown Haven Homes, attended Buildertrend University, a two-day educational event hosted at Buildertrend’s headquarters in Omaha, Neb. Since attending the expert-led event, Brad and Brittany picked up the pace with Buildertrend, adopting more features into their regular workflow. Brad shares, “We began phasing in a lot of Buildertrend’s features into our workflow.”

“You can access the information you need no matter where you are.”

– Brittany Walker, Executive assistant

Favorite Features: Purchase Orders and Scheduling

One of the first features that Brown Haven Homes implemented following Buildertrend University was Buildertrend’s Purchase Order tool. “Before using Buildertrend’s Purchase Order tool, I relied heavily on emails to manage POs and it was a nightmare,” recalls Brad. “It was hard to keep track of it all, and it seemed like every day I received multiple emails requesting a purchase order because the original email was lost in the recipient’s inbox,” he continued.

The second feature was the Scheduling tool. The Scheduling tool continues to play an important role for Brittany, who wears many hats as the company’s executive assistant. Brittany’s duties span from scheduling meetings to training new hires to internal and external communications. According to Brittany, “the best part about the Scheduling tool is knowing that you can access the information you need no matter where you are,” a feature especially important for a company where more than 40 percent of employees are on the road or on a job site at all times.

Brown Haven Homes completed project

Brittany adds, “The Scheduling tool also comes in handy when multiple people need to communicate on a pre-construction project.” For example, the Scheduling tool can be used when the local Brown Haven Homes office or its corporate office needs to schedule appointments with customers. The team can also clearly find start and end dates, and it’s easy to add to-do’s to a project’s schedule.

Furthermore, the favorite Buildertrend feature for Brown Haven Homes’ homeowner customers is the ability to access images. With an estimated 75 percent of clients living over an hour and a half away from their future home, sharing project progress through visuals plays a significant role in communication.

The Evolution of Pen and Paper to Digital

Buildertrend remains a leader in an industry in the middle of a digital renaissance. As for companies that are considering making the switch from pen and paper to software, Brad suggests that Buildertrend is the future of the industry. “You can stay ahead of your competitors by using Buildertrend.”

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