What does your company’s office say about you?

Have you ever thought about what type of impression your construction company’s office is making on past, present or future clients when they meet with you? Unfortunately, it’s human nature to make quick decisions about things. You’ve probably heard that about your company’s website — it only takes a few seconds for a visitor to decide if they want to stay longer or not. Well, when you invite potential clients to your office for the first time, it’s a similar dynamic. How your office is kept gives a certain message about the kind of company you are and what you can provide for a client. So, what can you do to make a great first impression with your office? Try following these tips!

Keep it clean.
This might seem obvious to keep your office clean, but it never hurts to pay a little more attention to cleaning before a client comes in for a meeting. You never know who will notice dirty windows or floors and let that affect their opinion of your work before you’ve even won the project. Make sure that your office restrooms are kept well stocked and clean as well. Even though cleanliness might not seem directly related to your construction capabilities, it is to the people that meet you. And don’t forget, the same rules apply to your desk — make sure your desk is all clear before a meeting so there is plenty of workspace.

Show off your previous work.
Having pictures of various projects you’ve completed posted around the office is a great way to show off your success in a subtle way! Whether it’s in your actual office or in some type of waiting room, pictures of custom homes or remodels you’ve done will get looked at. And, they will show potential clients how much your projects mean to you and your staff.

Make it welcoming.
When you have visitors coming to your office, make sure there is someone to greet them when they arrive. If you don’t have a waiting area, make sure they are ushered into your office right away so they are not left standing awkwardly. And whether they sit in the waiting area or in your office, you should offer them a beverage while they wait to make them feel even more comfortable.

Pay attention to lighting.
If you have access to natural light, use it during the day but once that is gone, make sure you have enough light sources to make it bright enough to conduct a meeting that will involve looking at documents. Try playing around with desk lamps and floor lamps to get the comfortable amount of lighting for your office!

Take home items.
As your clients leave your office, you should send them with some type of promotional item or instructions for what the next steps are! It will not only impress them even more but it will leave them knowing what comes next in the building process. Whether it’s a folder full of contact and project information, a branded flash drive, etc., your clients will appreciate a take home item when they leave your office.

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