Why our employees love Buildertrend

Life’s too short to hate your job.

At Buildertrend, we believe work shouldn’t feel like … well, work. Instead, it should be somewhere where you’re challenged, motivated, inspired and – dare we say – having fun. *Gasp*

Yep, fun and work can go hand in hand. We hope to serve as proof.

Since our humble beginnings as a three-man company back in 2006, our founders carefully crafted a culture that turns a job into a joy. So, now that we are a 500+ operation, what aspects of Buildertrend ensure that we keep that positive, hardworking, pizza-and-taco-loving energy that established us as us?

For that answer, let’s go straight to the source: Our awesome employees themselves. Here’s what they believe puts Buildertrend a cut above other cutting-edge companies.

The perks

Desk-side putting greens, an in-office gym and beer on tap! These are just a few of our favorite things. We also have the best benefits to take care of every employee.

From comprehensive health coverage to a “Pick Your Perk” option that allows employees to choose between student loan repayment, travel reimbursement, assistance for a house-down payment and more, we give our best to the best. That’s our employees – the smartest and most driven crew around. No question about it.

“I loved the fact that one of the options for ‘Pick Your Perk’ is vacation reimbursement,” said Alan Epley, security and compliance analyst. “My family loves to travel, so my wife and I are excited to take our son around the Caribbean this year with assistance from this perk.”

The people

Big brains. Big ideas. Big fun. Our people bring all this to work every day and much, much more. Together we’re changing the world of construction while perfecting the idea of “work hard, play hard” at the same time.

There’s a simple policy around here, too. No a**holes allowed.

It’s a bold statement, but one we believe in so much that it’s painted on one of our office walls. Instead, our people come to work every day with positive attitudes, ready to save the day and share a laugh at the same time. Egos aren’t welcome here.

“In my opinion, the people here make Buildertrend special,” said Burke Florom, onboarding specialist. “It goes beyond a simple ‘hi’ or ‘good morning’. At Buildertrend, there’s a tendency for our employees to display genuine care for one another in a way I’ve never experienced in previous places of employment.”

The culture

We’re not like most workplaces – and we don’t want to be. Closed doors, a never-ending corporate hierarchy and corners offices don’t have a place at Buildertrend. Even casual wear is encouraged from the top leadership down to further illustrate we’re working together – whether someone has been with Buildertrend from the start or it’s day one.

Our culture is formed on the belief, “life is better here.” It’s a culture that’s forward-thinking and fast-paced. We don’t just listen to feedback, we act on it.

“I love Buildertrend’s culture because we have an awesome balance of working our a**off and having a ton of fun,” said Tyler Mancuso, business development specialist. “There’s always something to look forward to – goals, opportunities, events and surprises. Buildertrend is never boring.”

The opportunities

Our employees know not to get too comfortable … in a good way. We push boundaries and people way beyond where they imagined they could go. With learning opportunities to internal promotions aplenty, growth starts here.

In fact, Buildertrend has grown completely by its own success without help from outside investors. This bootstrap mentality permeates through the company as leaders continually find ways to help employees find more success (even outside of Buildertrend) through life skills classes, workshops and more.

“During my time here, I’ve expressed interest and curiosity in different roles and departments and was encouraged to explore that potential,” said Lauren Waldron, employer brand specialist. “The opportunities here are endless, and I feel lucky that I’ve been able to work hard and be rewarded for that.”

The Bobs

Anybody catch the “Office Space” reference? The Bobs is the nickname we lovingly use to refer to our three founders – Dan Houghton, Jeff Dugger and Steve Dugger.

They’re where it all started. This trio of friends combined their knowledge of tech and construction to create an all-in-one platform that would become the gold standard of construction management software.

And they sit and work right out on the floor with every other employee. They’re big on ambition but also believe personal life takes priority over professional. They know life outside the office walls is more important.

“The Bobs are the best because they truly get to know their employees,” said Cathern Strief, social media engagement specialist. “They’re accessible, personable and caring. Each and every employee is treated with the same respect. They’re also just really awesome people.”

Want to love where you work, too?

Confession: We know we’re not perfect. We tell our customers, “even the best can get better”. That mantra applies to us, too.

We say “bring it on” to failure and trust in trying new things for the sake of improvement. We’re a work in progress but still proud of what we’ve accomplished and will accomplish in the years to come.

If you embrace growth, too, life at Buildertrend may be the life for you. View our open positions now.

Come one, come all leaders, experts and creators. Your best work is calling.

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