Why downtime is the best time to build your marketing strategy

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Projects on pause? Spending more time at home than at the job site? You’re not alone.

Construction professionals around the nation are facing a change of pace amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to an article on Construction Dive in an update from April 9, 2020, there are currently 19 states allowing all construction projects to continue, 13 states allowing only some projects to continue, three states allowing no projects and six states who have not decided.

But even in this downtime, you can move forward. Now is the time to take steps toward future success for your business. It’s time to tackle your marketing strategy – even from the comfort of your couch while wearing sweatpants, if that’s how you roll. Here are some tips to get you started:

Create a marketing plan if you don’t already have one

During times of crisis, your initial instinct may be to focus on the immediate critical short-term tasks, but it’s important to remember the long-term implications of your business. If you haven’t already, taking this time to put together a marketing plan is a great way to prepare for future success.

Putting together a marketing plan is a great way to assess your objectives and lay out how you’re going to reach them. To start, use the Buildertrend financial tools and reporting to get a better idea of where you stand. Determine your available resources and identify the critical issues that need to be addressed. From here, you can move on to develop your marketing strategy, which will include your business objectives and value proposition.

Once you’ve decided on your strategy, you can outline your messaging, pricing plan and communication channels, which will lead you to the end goal of determining your success factors and performance indicators.

Having all these things nailed down now (no pun intended) will put you a step ahead of the rest.

Take control of your lead management

Lead management is always essential, but in our current environment, it’s essential. Taking advantage of this time and capturing all potential customers is critical to your business’ growth following this downtime, and Buildertrend has you covered.

Our platform has everything you need to manage your leads and maintain them until you can win their business. The sales side of the Buildertrend platform includes features like Lead Opportunities, Lead Activities and Lead Proposals. All these features let you closely monitor the status of your leads throughout the process. From initial interaction to sending a proposal and beyond, you’re able to keep track of it all in one place.

And did you know you can use our reporting feature to create a report of only your lost leads? Well, you can! In doing so, you’re creating a list of potential leads you can capture with future marketing materials.

Optimize your website

During this time, you’re probably seeing less traffic on your company’s webpage, which is to be expected. But don’t let it get you down and use it to your advantage. With less people visiting your webpage, you can take the opportunity to make some improvements.

Making updates can be as simple as updating information or adding some new photos of finished projects. But if you’re really looking to make a change, let us help you. We have a whole team dedicated to building custom webpages for our users. No, we’re not joking. We use your information, logo and photos to design a unique page for your business.

Your custom webpage also gives you the option to add a contact page. By adding a contact page through Buildertrend, you’ll have the advantage of receiving alerts every time someone submits their information. Amazing, right? Our research shows that contractors are 40% more likely to sign contracts if they are the first one to reach out. Now’s the time to take control and efficiently manage your incoming leads.

Build email campaigns to launch when the time is right

Email campaigns are a great way to market to your potential clients and now is the perfect time to get them assembled and ready to go.

Buildertrend’s lead management tools make it easy for you to work ahead and build out professional email campaigns with the capability to add photos and links. Each campaign can be unique to each of your leads or you can save them as templates and reuse them.

And the best part is, you never even have to leave the platform. Just build out your campaigns and when you’re ready to send, the leads that are already housed in your Buildertreand account.

Prepare now for future success

At Buildertrend, we’re always ready to help you invest in your success both now and in the future. Now is the time to flex those marketing muscles and plan ahead, so you’re ready to go when it’s time to get back in the game.

If you’re considering Buildertrend and want to learn more about all of the top-notch features we have to offer, schedule a demo today!

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Sean Robinson

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