Diving into our data: Tech trends for swimming pool contractors

Buildertrend is for more than just new home builders - It's also for swimming pool contractors. Our data shows how pool construction software is used to stay competitive in this specialty.

July data trends

Numbers don’t lie – they tell a story. That’s why we’re mining our data field to uncover facts and figures based on Buildertrend user activity. Insights like this can then fuel data-driven decisions that lead to your company’s long-term success.

We’re taking an inside look at tech trends for swimming pool contractors. Buildertrend is known as the leading platform for new home builders – but it also doubles as pool and spa business software. With digital tools for almost every step of the building journey, we help these specialty companies get projects off the ground and completed on deadline and on budget, too.

With Buildertrend, pool contractors are ditching antiquated paper-based systems and running their business the modern way. Our data shows they’re also seeing more success because of it.

So, let’s take a look and dive in (pun intended).

Swimming pool contractors are completing three more jobs per month on average

job numbers chart

The renovation craze brought on by the pandemic’s lockdown and shelter-in-place rules isn’t slowing down anytime soon. People are still spending time at home and wishing their spaces were just a little – or maybe a whole lot – different. That includes the great outdoors.

A basic backyard is no longer good enough. Following COVID-19, more and more backyards are getting facelifts to become poolside paradises. This sector of the building industry is seeing a serious wave of demand – and our data reflects that. Comparing April 2021 to April 2020, swimming pool contractors handled three more jobs per month on average.

More demand means more leads, too. That’s why one of the most popular Buildertrend features for these pool builders is our CRM Sales tool. This is the place to create, capture and close all potential clients. These teams can go from click to customer with the capability to add leads from website forms or in the app while on the go. This is their path to more projects – and profits.

Average contract prices are up to $41,579

average contract price

In construction, as demand skyrockets, prices usually see a surge too. That holds true for pools and spas, according to our proprietary data. The average contract price in June 2021 held at $41,579 – that’s a $14,751 increase from just March 2020.

Easily manage all that extra income with the financial tools in our pool and spa business software. Customers on our Pro pricing package have access to an entire arsenal of digital tools that help make money management stress free. Estimates can be compared to actual costs in the Budget tool, Change Orders and Purchase Orders are created and recorded right in our system and it all easily syncs to QuickBooks.

Consider our first two data points together, and this is a major boon to pool contractors’ businesses. That’s three more jobs per month at a higher value of nearly $15,000 each month. Cha-ching.

Jobs are taking 23 days longer to get started

Days to start

Our latest figures from June 2021 show it takes on average 70.31 days for pool jobs to start. That’s measuring the difference in time from when contractors closed the deal and added the project to Buildertrend to when the first Schedule item starts. Compare that to 46.56 days in May 2020.

In an industry where productivity is a high priority, an expanded timeline is always a hurdle to avoid. However, when demand reaches record levels as it has, this obstacle is just a part of the job.

Two of Buildertrend’s tech tools keep our swimming pool contractors competitive – even as builds run longer. First, they can increase efficiency and better plan out jobs using the Schedule feature. Digitally building out timelines with pool building software empowers our customers to more quickly start projects and see where days can be tightened once the job begins. They’ll have greater visibility so a task that might have once taken a week can be truncated down to 3 days.

The Customer Portal also plays a big role in their success. Here, builders can communicate a project’s schedule and keep all client correspondence in one place. Tip-top transparency like that shouldn’t be underestimated. That’s where great builders separate themselves from the rest. Excellent communication keeps clients happy and engaged – even when it might take a few more weeks for their build to start.

How Buildertrend’s pool construction software can help

Our data illuminates the power of construction software: its ability to help the industry take on more jobs and ultimately more profits. If you’re a swimming pool contractor and still don’t have tech on your side, try Buildertrend risk free today or contact our team for more information.

Construction is a sink or swim industry. We’ll keep you afloat.

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