Top home renovation trends for 2020

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We’ve got 2020 vision.

The ball dropped and we’re looking into the new year with clearer vision than ever before. So, what do we see? Lots and lots of renovation and remodeling. That’s good news for those of you in the business. Cha-ching!

Even better news? Millennials are the renovation generation, and now even the youngest in this group are of home-owning age. Don’t feel old – feel the potential. Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching!

To appeal to this new crop of customers, we’ve rounded up the top home renovation trends for 2020.

Whether you’re building from scratch or taking a space from drab to fab, let this serve as the ultimate inspo to attract the Insta generation

Kitchen trends 

Kitchens have come a long way. What was once tucked in the back corner and filled with dirty dishes is now the focal point of any home. That’s why we cooked up the top kitchen design trends first and foremost.

Modern kitchen with bright pop of color.

The simpler, the better: Modern farmhouse is still popular, but things are shifting more toward modern. Think clean lines and industrial touches. Open shelving, subway tile and natural stone textures instead of glossy finishes all come together for this look.

Smart kitchens: Tech is everywhere now … even controlling our fridges and faucets. Smart means sustainable, too. From water-saving dishwashers to reflective surfaces paired with big windows to reduce the need for electrical lighting during the day, it’s all a smart choice for Mother Earth.

A pop of color: Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Pale pink cabinets? An accent wall in the official color of 2020 – classic blue? Tile with flecks of gold? Go on!

Bathroom trends

A shower. A sink. A toilet. What’s so exciting about that? Time to flush that thought away because these 2020 trends demonstrate that the bathroom is the best room. In fact, according to HomeAdvisor’s 2019 State of Home Spending Report, bathrooms are the most common room for renovations and remodeling.

Modern bathroom with black fixtures.

Black is the new black: Black is bold. Black is better. Fixtures like lights, shelving and mirror frames are all coming in this color. When popping off white subway tile (hey, there’s that popular pick again!), it really makes a statement.

Bathrooms of the future: It’s all about smart tech in this space, too. Built-in Bluetooth speakers for shower singing done on another level or tricked out toilets. Of course, eco-friendly is a factor again with showers that save water and aren’t paired with a tub or lighting that uses less electricity.

Better storage = better comfort: If your use every nook and cranny for compact storage and shelving, there’s more space for open showers and big, big tubs. The Netflix generation doesn’t want the lounging to stop on the couch. Getting comfy carries over to the bathroom.

Basement trends

We’re not 5 anymore. We know basements aren’t where the scary things live. Treating it as such is a surefire way to add instant value to any property. Here’s how.

Home theater in a basement.

Photo credit: The Lighting Judge

Basement? You mean party place. A theater. A fully stocked bar. A music venue complete with a mini stage. A gym for fitness freaks. A basement can be all this and more in the right builder’s hands.

 Open concepts. Barrier-free spaces are still trending – especially in basements. Without walls taking away extra square footage, there’s more room for that mini stage we just mentioned.

Outdoor trends

Summer’s a long way away. However, it’s never too early to start dreaming about the great outdoors with these 2020 home renovation trends.

Patio with outdoor kitchen and fire pit,

Prettied up patios: All the creature comforts usually enjoyed indoors have moved outside. Deck out patios with built-in bars, lounging, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and more.

Mixed materials: Brick with natural wood. Copper with birch. Concrete with almost anything. It all looks good. It’s 2020, and the best designs are using an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach when choosing materials.

Landscaping, landscaping, landscaping: You can never have too many flowers, bushes and trees. Arrange them artfully with elaborate walkways and lighting. Your clients will never want to go back inside again.

Home renovation done easy 

New year, new decade, new home design.

It’s the dawn of 2020, and the possibilities are truly endless. The number of clients is practically endless, too, with everyone wanting a refresh as we enter a new era.

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2020 is going to be your business’ time to shine. We can see it now ?

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