Power your construction business with these five podcasts in 2020

You’re busy, and we totally get that. With driving between job sites and back and forth from the office, you don’t have time to stay informed on construction news and industry trends.

Or do you?

Let’s talk podcasts. You’ve heard of them, right? Who are we kidding – of course you have! According to Podcast Hosting, there are over 1 million podcasts and over 28 million episodes as of this month with millions of listeners from all around the world.

That’s a whole lot of listening, y’all. So, where do you start? Well, we can help! We did some research and found six of the best 2020 construction industry podcasts that will help keep you in the know while at home, at the office, and yes, even in the car. Check ‘em out!

The Building Code

Starting things off with one of our personal favorites, “The Building Code,” brought to you by Buildertrend. Oh wait, that’s us!

All jokes aside, we are proud to bring you a podcast that explores people, technology and innovation, all within the realm of construction. Every Thursday, our hosts, Tom Houghton and Paul Wurth, sit down with industry experts and construction pros like you to uncover the most important need-to-know information. From answering questions about the Payment Protection Program to deep diving into marketing strategies, and everything in between, “The Building Code” has it all.

If you’re not already listening, all episodes are available on your favorite podcast app, or if you’re listening online, you can find us here. For more information and notes about each episode, visit us here.

The Modern Craftsman

Spending most of their adult lives involved in the trades, the three hosts of “The Modern Craftsman” know the struggles of maintaining balance while running a business, as well as the challenges associated with navigating the construction industry.

Nick Schiffer, Tyler Grace and Johnny Hourihan introduce you to the world of their podcast with stories, experiences and tips to help build your construction brand.

Listen to podcast episodes on Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio or online, here.

The Lien Zone

Alex Barthet, a construction lawyer out of Miami, covers a variety of construction law topics on this legal-themed podcast. Serving as litigation counsel to several statewide and local contractors and material suppliers in Florida, Alex is experienced in finding the best path to achieve his clients’ goals and will express that advice to “The Lien Zone” listeners.

Listen online here or stream from the Apple or Google Podcast apps.


The “CONEXPO-CON/AGG Radio” podcast and host Peggy Smedley has been dishing you the latest on construction equipment and technology since its debut in 2016.

They recently launched a new series called “Contractor Conversations” hosted by Missy Scherber. This new series, “features boots-on-the-ground perspectives and stories from construction business owners about their successes, challenges and whatever else is on their minds.” Hear from fellow construction pros on how they’re keeping up with the evolving industry and how you can, too.

To listen, search “CONEXPO-CON/AGG” on your favorite podcast app or listen online here.

The Art of Construction

Join podcast host Devon Tilly as he explores the world of construction and helps construction and building companies grow their business by providing marketing, communication and sales strategies. In the current global environment, “The Art of Construction” podcast will be shifting its focus to help construction businesses thrive in a world that is continuing to change at a rapid pace.

You can listen to “The Art of Construction” on the podcast app of your choice or listen online here.

Home Building Hero

“Home Building Hero” is a podcast with content that is centered around new-home designs, styles, industry trends, how-tos and tips for building new homes. Industry leader and award-winning homebuilder, David Belman, is bringing you new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to ensure you’re never lacking the latest information.

Listen on your mobile device through your favorite podcast app or go online and listen here.

Want to join us on The Building Code?

We’re always looking for great guests to join us on upcoming episodes of “The Building Code.” If you think you or someone you know would like to join us for a fun, constructive conversation, email us or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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