Top 5 reasons our customers love BTU

Our customers love Buildertrend University … seriously! From the time with their Buildertrend Coach and all of the knowledge they gain in class to the networking and the tasty food, there are a lot of reasons to love our conference (not that we’re biased or anything). After talking with our customers who have attended, these were the top 5 most popular reasons they’ve loved BTU:

1) Face-to-face interactions

Face-to-face conversations go a long way, especially when most interactions with our customers happened on the phone until we started Buildertrend University (with the exception of tradeshows such as the International Builders Show). So, it’s no surprise that our customers favorite part is finally being face-to-face with us.

“I’m glad I came because interacting face-to-face and working with our coach on our side of the software helped us get through any struggles we were facing.” Nick – Boston

2) So. Much. Content.

Learning is no joke while our customers are here for Buildertrend University. With 2 days full of classes and one-on-one time with their Buildertrend Coach, it’s A LOT to take in. But our customers feel equipped to maximize their usage of Buildertrend when they leave … and with all that knowledge, it’s more than worth their time coming to our headquarters.

3) Our people and our office

Putting a face to a name goes a long way, and putting faces to a company goes even further. When our customers are here in our office, they can make connections with the member of our Sales team who sold them on Buildertrend or the Customer Success Manager who onboarded them or meet the people behind our Marketing team (like me! I’d love to meet ya at the next BTU!)

“Everyone was so kind and helpful. I loved getting to see the headquarters and put a face to the company. I feel really good about reaching out and getting help knowing that there is a group of really bright and eager individuals at the ready.”  Kelly – Atlanta

4) The food and drinks

We aren’t kidding when we tell our customers we’ll keep them fed and hydrated while they’re here. From the meals (especially the waffles) provided to snacks, pop, beer (or you name it), we make sure our customers are fueled and focused for their days of learning.

5) The networking (make new friends, talk industry)

When you get 75 construction professionals in a room together, you know some really good networking is about to happen. From talking about how they use Buildertrend to chatting about construction where they live and the type of work they do, there’s a lot to talk about. A group that starts out strangers leaves with connections and friendships formed. We won’t get sappy, but we love witnessing it.

 Want in on the action? It’s not too late to get signed up for a future Buildertrend University session! Get more information and get registered here. We’d love to have you join us at our headquarters here in Omaha, Neb.

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