3 tech tools every commercial contractor needs now

Tech tools for commercial contractors

Some things are just too good to wait for – especially if it helps run your business better as a commercial contractor. Leveraging tech solutions is one of those things.

It’s not good enough to just invest in construction project management software. Why? Because the “wait and see” approach won’t do the trick. Instead, it’s all about adopting the right features at the right time. For commercial contractors new to Buildertrend, those right tech tools are the Schedule, To-Do’s and Daily Logs.

Gaining more capital. Keeping clients happy. Staying ahead – instead of falling behind. That’s the power of our commercial contractor app. To start harnessing that power, you need to get started with these three tools. There is no better way to immediately get more bang for your buck from Buildertrend. Plain and simple.

Let’s explore what makes these three features so priceless for your projects and profits.

Scheduling for success

1) Schedule

Going beyond spreadsheets or pen and paper, Buildertrend lets you plan like the pro you are. That all starts with our Schedule feature.

With multiple ways to view and build project schedules, you can make your project timelines work for you. Giving you better oversight by allowing you to view a single job or all of them at once, this feature helps you better keep projects on track, avoid delays and exceed deadlines.

Even better, we are the only construction project management software that gives teams the ability to update their schedule on-the-go – anytime and anywhere. That means no more rushing from field to office. Need to alter an existing schedule? Whoosh! In an instant, that change is shared with everybody. After all, building a better schedule isn’t just for the project owner, especially in commercial construction where the projects involve larger teams and scope of work. Each schedule can be shared with your team, subs and even clients.

That’s just one way the Schedule becomes a communication tool for you. You can also link To-Do’s, Daily Logs and other information to each task to further streamline processes and ensure accountability. Because scheduling with Buildertrend goes beyond staying on top of every second. It’s about doing more with each one.

2) To-Do’s

To do or not to do, that is the question!

Seriously. When it’s unclear who is tackling what on any given day, this question plagues projects and the teams bringing them to life. You’re building schools, shopping centers, medical facilities. There’s a lot to be done and managing every last detail is no easy task. That’s where To-Do’s come in.

Commercial contractors can hold their teams responsible by making punch lists, adding tasks for themselves and reminders for clients. Additionally, there is the functionality to attach files and get automatic notifications, too.

Consider this, too. It’s all tracked in one place, so you’re saving time by having less meetings, sending fewer texts and not having to worry about whether you communicated something. Going from confusion to clarity. That’s the power of To-Do’s.

3) Daily Logs

Ever have a client who can’t seem to get enough updates? You know the kind. Those clients who want to know what happened every minute of every day.

It makes sense. You’re the business building their business. Daily Logs make late-night phone calls and texts a thing of the past. Think of these as journal entries for the digital age. With the click of a button, document and share important information that keeps everyone on the same page. Save your thumbs the workout, too! Voice-to-text capability and automatic weather recording round out the benefits of this tool. At the end of every workday, just pick up your phone, talk then share with your clients to keep them in the loop.

This goes beyond client communication. You can use these to share progress with your team, safety protocols, activities by subcontractors, memos of meetings, material delivery details, delays … the list goes on.

Daily Logs is easy to use and the benefits are instant. Sounds like there’s no better way to get started with software.

Don’t wait. Implement these three features now

The Schedule. To-Do’s. Daily Logs. You now know their power. It’s time to start using it for your business.

The best way to do just that? Schedule a training! Your support team knows just how to get commercial contractors started on the right path with these three features.

If your team isn’t using Buildertrend yet, schedule a demo now. Like right now! Because, remember, some things are just too good to wait for.

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