QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop: Why one is better than the other

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Are you still using manual processes to track your business financials? Is the tedious action of updating your Excel spreadsheet multiple times a day wearing on you? Time to upgrade.

QuickBooks Online provides accounting solutions for small businesses and can be easily integrated with your Buildertrend account. The setup is easy and with every update, your numbers are adjusted in real time.

If you’re thinking, I already use QuickBooks Desktop, how is QuickBooks Online different and better than my current process? We’ll show you.

See just how easy construction financial management can be with Buildertrend and QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Desktop
Get cloud-based access to your job costing from anywhere, anytime you need it.You’re tied to a computer that has the QuickBooks software installed on it or you must rely on server access in order to retrieve financial data.
Your financial data is updated automatically in real time and can be accessed from anywhere with the mobile app.Financial data can only be updated from that one desktop device.
Data is updated with two-way syncing between your Buildertrend account and QuickBooks Online, so your numbers are always up to date.Accounts can be set up to sync automatically or data can be synced manually from your desktop. For more frequent updates with Buildertrend data, syncs must be forced manually.
Eliminates the need for double entry into two softwares.With automatic sync set up, it eliminates the need for double entry.
Integrates with Buildertrend and allows estimating to be done within Buildertrend’s Estimating feature.Offers a built-in estimating tool, but keeps estimating within QuickBooks.
Financial reporting is easy to manipulate and has the benefit of being tied to your actual bank feed.Requires more of a manual process to investigate discrepancies.
Take job-specific expenses that originated in QuickBooks and send them back into your Buildertrend budget.Works with your Buildertrend budget but requires a more manual process.

Manage your financials like a pro with Buildertrend, QuickBooks Online and Monthend

Having up-to-date financials and real-time reporting options will really set you apart from other construction companies. Being able to seamlessly track money coming in and money going out is important for any business but is critical when managing construction projects.

Looking to work with an accounting team who knows both construction and technology? Look no further. Monthend, an accounting firm and partner of Buildertrend, has everything you need with bookkeeping, tax, finance and capital advisory services exclusively for Buildertrend customers. You heard that right! Monthend works entirely with Buildertrend customers meaning they can give each client the expert service they need for financial success in the construction industry.

To learn more, email us at financialconsulting@buildertrend.com.

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