Project management doesn’t have to be scary

Witches and zombies and ghouls, oh my! Yep, it’s OK to be afraid of the things that go bump in the night on Halloween. But if there’s one thing that shouldn’t give you chills, it’s construction project management. In fact, with Buildertrend in your court, project management is easier than ever. Our cloud-based app brings your whole building world together in one powerful system. Best of all? It’s a world free of nightmares and scares!

Not everyone has the stuff it takes to bust ghosts (we’ll leave that to Bill Murray), but anyone can master the project management features we offer. They serve as the cornerstone of our platform for good reason. Here’s how your friends at Buildertrend help make project management not so scary after all:


We get it. You’re busy bouncing from one job site to the next. Keeping your team on track and things prioritized can seem like a chore. Not anymore. With our easy-to-use schedule, see what’s coming up when viewing by month, week or day. Our custom schedule templates even notify sub-contractors or your team when things are shifted around.


Few things are as important to the success of a project as communication. Effective. Efficient. Engaging. Communication should be all those things, and it can be with our messaging feature. Manage emails, add job specific comments and control what is shared – all in one place.


With each construction job, comes a list of to-dos. A ton of them. Staying on top of each and every detail requires masterful organization skills. Or, make things simple with the help of Buildertrend. Our To-Do’s feature allows you to create tasks for your team, checklists for clients and punch lists for subs (hello, increased accountability).


Collaborate and listen! Buildertrend is here with an awesome invention. Well, everything on our app is awesome, but right now we’re talking keying in trade partners. That’s right, you can invite and mange subs here too. Avoid unnecessary phone calls and mistakes when working together over our platform.

Finance Management

Of course, you can’t talk project management without bringing up the M word. No, not Monster (it is Halloween, after all). We’re talking money. Cash. The thing that makes the world go round. It’s simple … better processes mean bigger profit margins. That’s why our built-in financial tools include everything from payment processing and invoicing to purchase orders and time clocks. Within Buildertrend, we also offer accounting software through Quickbooks and Xero integrations so you can quickly track financials all in one place. And you know what they say – saving time is saving money.


 Buildertrend is your construction document management software. Simplify the way you create and share documents and photos with secure and unlimited file sharing. You read that right. We said unlimited.


Speaking of unlimited, we offer unlimited support as well. Ask us anything and a Buildertrend expert is ready to help. You’ll even be assigned a specific coach who will guide you through onboarding and beyond. If learning how to make the tools on our software work is the scary part, we’ve got you covered there too.

Want to make construction project management fright free? We’d love to help optimize and streamline your processes – no hocus pocus required. For a free demo, check us out here. We promise it’s a real treat, no tricks!

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