How to harness the power of instant communication for your construction team

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Patience is a virtue. It’s also a pain.

The latter is especially true for construction teams looking to get a lot done in a little time. There’s not a minute to spare because wasted days mean wasted dollars.

That’s not news to the those in the industry. What might be is the fact that 75% of professionals say their company spends less than half their time doing actual construction work. A large piece of that is due to lack of instant and smart communication. We’re talking up to 90 minutes per day per employee.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to anymore. There’s a better way. A digital way. With tech tools like construction project management software, make patience a thing of the past. Instead, get what you need right when you need it.

Sounds pretty powerful, right? Of course, it does! Here’s how software helps you harness the power that is instant communication:

1) Keeps the team in the know as you go

Don’t just keep your jobs on the job site. Take ’em with you!

From anywhere and everywhere, your business is now in the palm of your hand using homebuilder apps like Buildertrend. With these platforms, you can manage everything from your pre-sales process to client relations to finances.

One of the biggest benefits afforded to users of Buildertrend is its communication capabilities. With tools like Messages, To-Do’s and Scheduling, you can stay in touch with your team, let them know what to expect for any given day and keep all correspondence in one easy-to-search place.

Even better, as you make changes in the system, notifications can be sent to your team members, subs or clients. This level of speedy communication keeps everyone looped in, not out.

2) Allow access to every file from everywhere

Photos and documents and files, oh my!

More like – oh yes! Why just say it with words when you can add an image or video, too? Software for builders, remodelers and contractors lets you input files into their systems with ease. No more wasting time uploading to email, downloading to your computer then maybe finally getting around to sending to the client. With just a few clicks, you can share progress like pronto!

Using this feature as you work is beneficial for your crew as well. If any issues come up, they can snap a picture, mark it up and then share with the team back at the office. Addressing problems as they happen means getting to the solution quicker than ever before.

3) Provides real-time reporting

Instant communication is about more than talking with your crew or clients. You should also be talking with your business.

With construction job software, you know where your business stands at any given moment. Buildertrend comes equipped with a Work in Progress feature that can help you efficiently create the reports you need to keep your projects in check. You’ll have the ability to access the right data at the right time for total billings, profit margins and cost to complete on individual jobs or across all jobs. Get as detailed as you want or just a bird’s eye view. The choice is yours!

Think of this as a health check on any project. Will this be profitable? What’s running over budget? What costs are performing well and not so well? It’s all about knowing where you stand today so you can make the right moves tomorrow.

4) Pushes productivity to a new level

Last but certainly not least, productivity is sure to receive a positive push with instant communication. There’s no more waiting for the answer you need to keep work moving. It happens at the speed of need.

This extra efficiency results in a huge return on investment* for Buildertrend users. Ready to be impressed? Well, these numbers don’t lie:

  • 55% less time spent on scheduling and job production
  • 50% less time spent on communication between field and office
  • $230,970 ROI after three years in and $436,276 by five years

*Based on research of internal data conducted by Hobson & Co. on behalf of Buildertrend.

Instantly take advantage of instant communication

Better communication. Better transparency. Better profits. Better productivity.

And that’s just the beginning. All of these wins can be yours when you have Buildertrend on your side. To harness the power of instant communication with the leading construction project management software, demo with Buildertrend today.

Don’t be patient. Discover your better way to build NOW! 🏃‍♂️💨

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Sean Robinson
Sean Robinson

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