Getting the most out of your next trade show

A great way to connect with prospective clients is through a trade show! Depending on what type of work you do, this might consist of just local home shows, or it might consist of expos around the country. Either way, it’s important to utilize these events to get your company more business. The real question though: how do you attract clients at whatever event you are at? Here are a few tips to make the most out of your attendance:

Video, video, video.
If you want your booth to be eye-catching, try having a produced video playing on a tv (or multiple). Pictures are great too, but prospective clients will love seeing a professional video, as it only makes you seem more credible.

Employ your most knowledgeable staff.
Sure, it’s all about getting people to stop by your booth, but it’s also about making their time spent at your booth as helpful and worthwhile as possible. People will want to ask your staff questions, so it’s crucial that they are ready to answer whatever comes their way.

Be attentive.
Do not spend your time hiding behind your table. Get out front of your booth and engage with the people that pass by you! If you offer a welcoming environment, more people will stop by your booth and more people will want to use your company for their next project.

Do your research, and plan ahead.
Your success at a trade show very much depends on what you do before it even starts. Try posting about your trade show attendance on your social media platforms, your website, or whatever other channels you use. The more you promote ahead of time, the more people can plan ahead to visit your booth! Also, if you do your research, you can learn who you’re up against at the trade show so you can prepare your best.

Handout promotional items.
Some items with your company’s name and logo are great to handout to prospective clients! Not only will they appreciate the free stuff, but if you give them items that they will want to use, it will keep your company top of mind whenever they go to use it.

Send emails in advance.
Want more people to stop by your booth? Try to acquire a list of the attendees and send an email to entice them to stop by!

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