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Buildertrend Payments: A new way to pay your subs and vendors

Graphic of a check and paper money, signaling ways to pay your subs and vendors.

A big part of managing cash flow is sending and receiving payments. With Buildertrend Payments, you can do both faster and in one convenient location.

And now, with our newest integration, paying your subcontractors and vendors is as easy as sending an email. You send the payment, and we take care of the rest. Plus, your subs get to choose how they want to get paid.

To learn more about this updated payment experience, we talked to Emma Dickinson, one of our product managers. She’s got all the insider information and answers you need before getting started.

What was the main reason for enhancing Buildertrend’s process for sending payments to subs and vendors?

We wanted builders to be able to pay all their subcontractors through Buildertrend, and with this update, the process is easy for both our customers and their subs. The new process for sending payments removes some big hurdles associated with paying subs previously.

What benefits are being added with the updated capabilities?

By removing some hurdles, we’ve added three key benefits:

  • It’s free for subcontractors: Because sending payments through Buildertrend is a subscription builders pay for, there are no fees for subs or vendors.
  • All e-checks are sent through email: This means subs don’t have to be active in Buildertrend to accept payments.
  • Subs and vendors select how they get paid: They can choose from ACH, printing the check themselves or having a physical check printed and mailed to them.

Builders no longer have to remember how each sub wants to be paid, and they aren’t limited to paying only subs who set up ACH transfers. Sending payments is now as easy as sending an email.

How did the Product team use customer feedback to guide these improvements?

We looked at all the customer feedback we received for our existing solution for sending payments and used that to identify problem areas. Once we understood the problems we had to solve, we worked to find a partner that minimized or removed them completely.

How will this new process make sending payments more efficient for our customers?

Since there’s no longer a signup required on the sub’s end, our customers are entirely in control of their payment process. They can sign up within their Buildertrend account and start sending payments the same day. What’s really exciting is how easy it is to send payments. Builders can pay their subs through a simple email with just a few clicks, and their subs receive their e-checks almost instantly. It’s then up to their subs to start the deposit process.

How will this new process help save our customers time and money?

Contractors no longer have to leave Buildertrend to manage their outgoing payments, which means they’re juggling fewer systems and saving time. For our users transitioning from writing physical checks, the process that took a few minutes now takes a few seconds. For construction companies with a few dozen vendors they’re paying every week, that time starts to add up.

Additionally, with the new payment process, we’re charging a flat fee per transaction, which makes it considerably less expensive than our previous solution. 

Sending payments to your subs is faster and easier with Buildertrend Payments

With everything we do here at Buildertrend, we know there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s feature redesigns or product updates, our end goal remains the same: to provide the best possible experience and continued success for our customers.

Head over to our Help Center page if you’d like to learn more about this new process for paying subs with Buildertrend Payments. (Please note, you must be logged in to your Buildertrend account to access the Help Center.)

Sign up and get started with sending payments through Buildertrend today.

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