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Marketing your construction business can be difficult at times … especially when it comes to allocating marketing budgets strategically to ensure the highest potential return. Marketing efforts should always create awareness for your business, as it’s how prospective clients are exposed to your business and ultimately become buying clients. So, how can you ensure you’ll get the most success from your marketing dollars? Try following these tips:

Upgrade your website
Your website is home base. It’s the first thing many prospective customers see when they research your company and you better believe that they will judge your company based off the quality of your website. It is essential that the site is user friendly and responsive, a.k.a. viewable on all digital platforms, such as mobile, desktop and tablet. And these days, companies aren’t even guaranteed to have presence in mobile search results if their websites aren’t mobile friendly. So, an investment in an adaptive and responsive design for your website will ensure that it appears in search results when someone is looking for your construction company.

Develop a content marketing strategy
Providing quality content online, no matter if it’s on your website or on social media, helps your company to build authority and become a thought leader in your industry, which is the exact focus of content marketing.

Unify your brand
From recognizing major brands by their logos to associating specific colors to such brands, this happens because those brands have always focused on cohesiveness. A professional and unified appearance not only builds recognition online and offline, but it also builds trust. And a unified brand will also give you the ability to build brand equity over time!

Focus on social listening
This step often gets overlooked but monitoring what is being said online is critical not only to protecting your brand but also to creating engagement with your customers. And if there’s anything negative being said about your company, try following these tips to get you through that situation.

Invest in video marketing
There’s no doubt that incorporating video into your marketing outreach is an effective way to create engagement, so it might be a good idea for your company to allocate some extra dollars to your marketing budget in order to add video. It will do wonders for your website and social media platforms!

Feature guest writers
Does your company have a blog? If not, it might be smart to consider starting one as blogging is a great way to find your audience and engage with people, in addition to showing off your knowledge of the industry. Guest blogging specifically, is a way to drive traffic back to your website, increase sales and grow your brand. But remember, your guest blogs should still consist of topics that your ideal, potential customers are likely to read while still being credible.

Pay attention to Google AdWords
Leveraging specific keywords can be the solution to a prospective customer’s problems! By taking time to focus on Google AdWords, you can ensure that your company will come up with specific searches which is just what you want. And the best part? The results can be closely monitored and measured.

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