Q&A with marketing expert Tim Brown: Tactics you need now to succeed in the future

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Today, we’re bringing you some pro tips from Tim Brown, co-owner and lead strategist at Hook Agency. Hook is a digital marketing agency that serves small businesses and construction companies with web design and SEO. Tim’s bringing you the inside scoop on how to use marketing tactics now to stay ahead of the game.

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As we mentioned in our post from last week, now is a great time to dive in and spruce up your marketing tactics for when things start to get busy again.

Q: Before we get started, can you tell us about how you got started in marketing?

A: I originally went to school for web design and development. After figuring out how to get higher on Google with my own website, I became a marketing director and then went out on my own with my company. Because I related to construction company owners, I’ve had a lot of home services and contractor clients.

Now, over half of our teams’ 40 clients are in the trades. I love helping growth-oriented companies hook better leads. I am proud of our 14-person teams for constantly leveling-up on customer service and innovative approaches to getting more traffic and leads from a Google organic search, paid search and persuasive web design.

Q: Given the current environment, can you talk about the importance of preparing marketing strategies now for when things pick up again?

A: I believe, because we don’t have a ton of clarity on the way the COVID crisis and social distancing is going to end, that it’s almost better to focus on the current situation more than normal. Looking for arbitrage in the moment, for instance, Facebook ads are cheaper than they’ve ever been. The good thing is, if you pair Facebook ads with heavy duty content marketing, creating relevant content around prospect questions serves your website in the long-term as well.

Leverage your marketing agency for heavy-duty marketing activity and make sure you’re writing about things that people are actually searching for with keyword research. Keyword research is super important as 91% of content on the internet has 0 traffic (without it), unfortunately.

Q: Many people are experiencing difficulties right now. What can construction pros keep in mind when marketing during this time?

A: Being in the moment is crucial. Read the room and spend a considerable amount of time on social media platforms before you get out there and post during this time. Things to keep in mind:

  • Empathize
  • Provide value, be useful and use the golden rule
  • Focus on long-term systems versus big spends on ads etc. at this time

Q: What are your top tips for managing leads during this uncertain time?


  • Follow-up and systems for lead management are more important than ever. Take time to identify your ripest leads and keep an ordered list. Then share useful content with those people right now.
  • Don’t throw too many right hooks during this time. Slow down, be realistic about your quotas and closes and accept the current reality.
  • Don’t assume things won’t close. If we get more clarity around when this will be over, there may be a rush to get projects in like you’ve never seen before.
  • Use this time to really examine your long-term systems and analyze what has worked. Where have your leads come from the last couple years. Look at the data.

Q: Where should business owners focus their attention?

A: Focus on long-term systems and things that store value like content marketing. And yes, any kind of website improvements like SEO and conversion rate optimization can be beneficial.

Q: We often tell our customers that having a plan in place leads to success. Tim, what are your pointers for creating a marketing plan to bring in new business?


  • Make sure your customers and potential customers are aware you’re still doing business if you are. Make them aware of unique opportunities as they come up! There may be lower interest rates and things that will help motivate them.
  • Focus on long-term systems like content and video about evergreen topics versus ad spend.
  • Get ready to ramp up by pulling back paid spend and taking unused event budgets and invest them in your digital presence.
  • It’s OK to withdraw and conserve, but then look for surges and push into them as they arise.

Q: Warmer months typically mean more home improvement projects, and some families may be deciding now is a good time to invest in their properties with the stimulus. How can contractors capture the attention of these potential clients?


  • Empathize with the people. What do you do when you’re sitting at home for uncomfortable amounts of time? What kinds of projects might be way more desirable after they spend so much time in their home – additions? New homes?
  • Don’t assume it’s all gloom and doom. Half of the people in your industry are going to retreat during this time. Different people have totally different perspectives and if you have a positive one you may find crazy opportunities at this time.

Prepare now for future success

At Buildertrend, we’re always ready to help you invest in your success both now and in the future. Now is the time to flex those marketing muscles and plan ahead, so you’re ready to go when it’s time to get back in the game.

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