Helping rebuild Australia together

Australia’s devastating wildfires are still burning. With communities scorched, wildlife fleeing for safety and hazardous air quality, this unprecedented disaster has already taken a toll on the nation. Worse still, blazes could be burning for months longer.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by this tragedy and to our Australian customers. They’ve been part of the Buildertrend family since nearly the beginning of our company, and we’re honored to help their construction businesses flourish each and every day. Now, they need our help more than ever.

Just last week, the Australian government announced that more than 42 million acres have burned. That’s the size of the state of Nebraska – and then some. This also puts more than half of our Aussie clients directly in impacted areas.

To help rebuild and recover, we’re doing our small part:

Buildertrend is donating a total of $5,000 to the Australian Red Cross.

From supporting people at evacuation centers and funding long-term recovery programs to providing psychological care and covering volunteer expenses, this organization holistically provides aid to those needing relief from the Australia wildfires.

There is still more to do – and you can help. Whether you’re reading this oceans away from the disaster or it’s happening in your own backyard, we can all do our part to provide assistance.

Please join us in helping rebuild Australia. All you have to do is open your wallet and give. Click and donate. It’s that easy.

Here’s a list of charities supporting victims of the bushfire:

Australian Red Cross

World Wide Fund for Nature Australia

Salvation Army Australia

Vincent de Paul Society Australia


The impact of this ring of fire is almost unthinkable: an economic blow expected to exceed $4 billion, more than 1,300 homes torched, an estimated one billion animals killed and 25 human lives lost.

Australia is strong, though. Our Aussie customers are strong. And together, our support can be strong.

This country won’t be defined by this tragedy. It’s home to koalas and kangaroos, there’s more than 500 national parks coast to coast and there’s no better spot to learn how to throw a Boomerang. Australia is one of a kind.

That’s why every donation of every size matters. Australia is depending on us. We won’t let them down.

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