The importance of a hand-written thank you note

If you aren’t doing this already, have you ever thought about sending thank you notes to clients when a project is completed? This might sound odd considering you are the one that just did something for them, but after all, they chose you to take care of their project. A simple, hand-written thank you is not only going to make them feel valued, but it should make them appreciate your work even more! If that’s not enough reason to write a thank you note each time a project is completed, here are a few more reasons:

Your note will actually be read.
How many emails do you delete or sit in your inbox without being read? Probably more than you’d like to admit. Sending a hand-written note in the mail can help avoid this situation.

It’s just the right thing to do.
Writing a note to thank someone for choosing you is just good business, and good manners. A thank you note should reiterate the thanks that you gave them in person, in a form that can be kept. And, gratitude works both ways … not only will the receiver of the thank you note feel great, but you will too!

It confirms you were the right choice, and why your business is worth referring.
The completed project should already speak for itself as to why you were the right choice, but a thank you note will only further prove that. Sure, texts, phone calls and emails are great ways to thank someone but you will definitely stand out if you write a personal thank you note to your clients. If your note really makes an impact on your clients, there’s a chance they will keep your thank you note around, which means your company could stay top of mind when they, or a friend, need another project completed.

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